Hate it or Love it

Peter Birkenhed of Salon.com takes a a few shots at new age philosphies espoused by films such as "The Secret."

"The Secret" espouses a "philosophy" patched together by an Australian talk-show producer named Rhonda Byrne. Though "The Secret" unabashedly appropriates and mishmashes familiar self-help cliches, it was still the subject of two recent episodes of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" featuring a dream team of self-help gurus, all of whom contributed to the project.

The main idea of "The Secret" is that people need only visualize what they want in order to get it — and the book certainly has created instant wealth, at least for Rhonda Byrne and her partners-in-con. And the marketing idea behind it — the enlisting of that dream team, in what is essentially a massive, cross-promotional pyramid scheme — is brilliant.

And who does he see as the figurehead of said scheme? Oprah Winfrey, who has devoted at least two shows to "The Secret." We’re not sure if hes just jumping on the recent (and late) Oprah hate-train… but if he is we salute him. We’re also wondering how many people paid any money to watch that movie… most people I know saw it at free screenings or um… downloaded it.

Article at Salon.com


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Posted: March 5th, 2007
at 11:00am by black octagons

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