My Ninja, Please! 11.30.11: Satanic Sex Rituals

Now… Do these really look like the faces of…

Two Satanic ladies with a blood fetish??

Two Milwaukee women are under arrest today for the ritualistic stabbing of a teenager during what started as consensual sex but rapidly got out of hand.

The two women, Rebecca Chandler and Raven "Scarlett" Larrabee are alleged to have stabbed a teenage male over 300 times during the course of their sexual encounter. The encounter began consensually when Chandler took the unidentified back to her apartment. Shortly after engaging in intercourse, "Raven," identified as a practitioner of satanic ritual and a student of the occult, joined in with the couple.

The male told police that he was tied up with duct tape and cut many times over the course of two days. [Link]


I’m not sure there’s anything to even be said here besides… MY NINJA, PLEASE!  What is this… The Craft?!




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Posted: November 30th, 2011
at 12:49pm by Black Ock

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