GigaOM RoadMap 2011

At the inaugural GigaOM RoadMap for 2011 conference it was a pleasure to hear influencers in the connected tech arena discuss the new standards that importantly are happening today and will be reaching mass audiences in the next 5-10 years. The value chain of creators and moderators is moving farther and farther away from mega companies (who are squandering to protect licensing rights) to small teams of personalized directional players in places like India. With advances in personalized human health care and easier to use industrial design, there is an increasing thirst for understanding how to humanize a super enthralled society from the waves of recommendations and gifting.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame, mentioned a Hakim Bey notion of temporary autonomous zones and how we are moving back to this facilitation. With a big problem being the creative itself, some see the cluttered world as place where a CBS can come out on top out of the muffle of the rising artisan movement. Om Malik noted that if you are in the media business, you might as well have something to sell… It seems as though we are moving from an ownership society to an access society, from a binary world, to somewhere in between. The uncanny valley was a topic of discussion as was the large amount of leverage that intellectual capital can have even for a small company without traditional merit.

Is the professional world going to trump the world of knitting? Is annotation of Second Life like book experiences going to shape future meta-data? The cloud is the mover here folks, and there is much to look forward to as we are still in early days…but will the canary begin to show some life?

Some ideas from the conference with, Om Malik, Mark Rolston, Richard Nash, Hosain Rahman, Matt Mullenweg, Frank Moss, Jack Dorsey- featured by


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