The 2011 Optimists

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Getting comfortable with a new decade is a hard task. But Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum, with a lack of sources, are right on, apart from the now worn infrastructure and education sentiments:

But the chattering of the columnist class will not achieve any of them. In fact, it is fair to say there have never been more good ideas out there to improve America. The ever-growing blogosphere, for example, incubates novel thinking from the sundry likes of tenured academics to freelancers. But these bright approaches to the country’s problems simply never come to fruition. And that is because, as Friedman and Mandelbaum rightly address at the book’s finale, "our political system has become paralyzed." ( : Continue reading : )


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Posted: November 8th, 2011
at 2:33pm by mnp

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