Are those real?

WOMEN may be able to undergo a "natural" form of breast enlargement using their own stem cells and fat.AA The technique, pioneered in Japan, results in breasts that look and feel smoother than conventional cosmetic surgery using implants.

Stem cells, which have the potential to change into any cells in the body, are found in embryos, but the most plentiful supply in adults is from body fat. When body fat is transferred to the breasts, the stem cells enable the fat to grow its own blood supply, thus becoming an integral part of the breast rather than a foreign object.

Dozens of women in Japan have received the enlargements during trials. This month, German authorities gave approval to the process. Under EU rules, this means that the procedure is now legal throughout Europe, including Britain.



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Posted: February 13th, 2007
at 8:09am by Pheezatron

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