Throwback Whips: Reliant Robin

Top Gear is endlessly entertaining.

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Name aside though, the term Robin Reliant goes one step further because not only do some people think Reliant Robins are Robin Reliants but they think all 3-wheeled Reliants are. Regardless if the vehicle is a Reliant Regal, a Reliant Rialto, Reliant Regent or a Reliant Ant. All the models are very distinctive in their shape yet all get called "Robin Reliant". It’s a bit like calling all Ford cars regardless of model, "Fiesta Ford" after all they all have four wheels so they must be the same? Strangely, it is a relatively modern term as Reliant were founded in 1935 and the Reliant Robin was not introduced until 1973. Up until this point Reliants were Reliants and not called "Regal Reliant" or "Regent Reliant". Some Reliants even get double barrelled names so a Reliant Rialto becomes a "Robin Reliant Rialto" such is the notion that Reliant is always preceded by Robin. #Source


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Posted: October 8th, 2011
at 8:48am by Black Ock

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