A Ninja’s Guide to New York

Not ironically, an idea we toss around the Gridskipper office is that of forming a ninja squadron. We not only want to dress like ninjas but eat like ninjas, blog like ninjas, sleep like ninjas and fight like ninjas. After much thought, we delved into the world of black arts and found the ninja secrets of New York. Join us after the flying leap for the lowdown on Ninja spots.

Outfit: Ninjas mostly wear all black to blend into the night though they can also wear dark red or blue. Their outfits are called Shinobi Shozuku while their masks are called Sanjaku-tenugu and their split-toed shoes are Jika Tabi. You can buy all these supplies at most martial art stores. We recommend New Hope where the sanjaku tenugu will run you $10.00, a pair of tabi around $35 as will a nice polycotton blend shinobi shozuku.

Weapons: Unfortunately many ninja items are illegal in New York City. Ergo, you can get ninja stars but only rubber, ditto that with nunchucks. Bad news, your deadly throwing power will be thwarted. good news, you won’t end up in prison, necessarily. Ninja stars and nunchucks are available at New Hope. Hand claws, foot spikes and real metal ninja stars are available through Gungfu.

Eateries: Ninjas avoid places like ninja which they feel demeans their black arts. They much prefer more hidden gems like the Parker Meridien’s Burger Joint where they often stay when in town for their missions. Other favorites, when they’re not in the mood for heavy burgers is Sakagura for sushi and sake. It’s low key, romantic and furtive, just like the ideal ninja.

Skills: Despite all the trappings of ninjery, a ninja is only as good as his ninjitsu. Our favorite dojo has to be Chinatown’s Muzosa Bujikan Dojo. Under 5th dan black belt Jeff Christian, the dojo is a welcoming environment for tyro ninjas like ourselves. They even offer a free class on Monday nights.

Quick fire round
Ninja’s Favorite Music Venue: Lit
Ninja’s Favorite Website: Kinja
Ninja’s Favorite Neighborhood: Inwood, probably.
NInja’s Favorite Pret-a-porter: Y-3

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Posted: February 12th, 2007
at 10:20am by Koookiecrumbles

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