Ghana 2015 : Middle Income Country

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Challenges await Ghana as it becomes a middle income country:

One of the costs is marshalling development assistance to support the government’s poverty reduction agenda. "Meanwhile many countries including Ghana, which have achieved Middle Income Status continue to face the same structural problem afflicting low income countries and need to boost incomes in order to meet the MDGs," he stressed.

According to the Minister, the reality of the situation was that despite the impressive outlook of the Ghanaian economy, there were still challenges which would require external support to address, adding that aid would continue to be an important source of financing as Ghana worked towards achieving MDGs.

However, the Minister noted that Government had taken cognisance of the need to reduce independence on aid in the medium to long term and therefore intended to redouble at mobilising non-aid resources.>


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Posted: June 17th, 2011
at 10:48pm by mnp

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