Designers and Programming

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-You’ll better understand the medium you’re working in. If you know what database queries will be faster than others, you can make the right response time tradeoffs. If you know what’s easy to code and what’s difficult to code, you can get your ideas implemented faster (and more of them, since development time is a limited resource.) Understanding what your medium does well and where isn’t as effective makes for more informed design decisions.
-Knowing how to code helps you produce better prototypes. The best way to communicate a design idea to your teammates and clients is through an interactive prototype. Producing your own quick prototypes brings your ideas to life sooner, releasing that inner brilliance you’re carrying around and helping everyone see what your designs are really about.
-Knowing how to code helps you identify bugs and flaws in the production code. As your team’s designs start to come to life, you can play an essential role of helping the developers isolate interaction problems, which means your end product will be the best it can be. (Source)


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Posted: June 7th, 2011
at 11:26am by mnp

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