Minority Owned Startup Culture

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There are some cultures that are more entrepreneurial than others. That’s just the way things are. For instance, Indians are considered a minority, yet they tend to be very entrepreneurial. The same can be said for other Asian cultures. So the general minority tag doesn’t work here. Instead we need to separate each of these minority groups and look at them independently. What you’ll find is that certain groups/cultures are more business minded than others.

Hispanics and African Americans tend to be less entrepreneurial than Whites. Why? Because of the difference in cultures. The real issue comes from within the culture itself, and has little to do with external factors (contrary to what many believe). Unfortunately, culture is an intangible, which makes it hard to point to specific notions within each culture that contribute to being one way or the other. The best I can think of is to look at what kind of behaviors are encouraged within each culture. Starting your own business is not something that is encouraged in all cultures.

So my opinion is that this really isn’t a problem. It’s perceived as a problem by many entrepreneurs, because we think this is the road to happiness, but it’s not really a problem. It only becomes a problem when there is a big percentage of minorities that want to start a tech business, but can’t. However, the reality is that a majority of people in certain groups just aren’t interested in tech startups. And of the small percentage that are interested, their success rate seems to be in line with non-minorities. (Source)


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Posted: June 7th, 2011
at 11:25am by mnp

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