Innovation : Baking a Cake for America

David Muchow, the President and CEO of SkyBuilt Power, shared an article of his with me in which he lays out his vision of how the U.S. can foster green innovation.

Entitled "How to Bake the Green Technology Cake: The Missing Key to Technology Innovation," the article analogizes the process of getting an invention from conception to marketplace to that of baking a cake.

For small inventors, in particular, Muchow observes that the necessary ingredients are scattered, the cook takes too long, and oftentimes there’s no oven. So he lays out three steps for baking the "innovation cake."

The Ingredients: According to the article, the necessary ingredients - funding, legal advice, business advice, industry knowledge, customers - have to be collected from many different sources.

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Posted: April 25th, 2011
at 1:01pm by mnp

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