My Ninja, Please! 4.11.11 : Human Capital

The capital that leaves in the elevator at night…please!

What are we really talking about here?  Pencils?  Paper?  Toner? Oil?  These are the kinds of things I picture when I hear the term resources.  Things that are used up and/or thrown away when they are used up.  Things that are both disposable and replaceable.  Except, when I hear this term in organizations, they’re typically referring to people.

So if you’re using a term like "resources" to describe your people and if other things that are referred to as resources are disposable and replaceable, how might you treat your people?  In what way does an organization that views their people as disposable "resources" behave? When we erect entire departments around managing our human "resources", how might that department view its role?  As an organization, how much will you invest in training and learning for your disposable and replaceable "resources"? (Source)


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Posted: April 11th, 2011
at 4:04pm by mnp

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