Dealing With Addiction

If you’re addicted:

It began when Bill decided to delay his first drink of whisky until noon. When noon arrived, he sat down at the kitchen table, poured himself a double and stared at the glass.

No. He he wasn’t going to have it now. He would wait an hour. If in one hour he still wanted the drink, he could have it then.

The hour came and went. Bill was busy with errands around the house and hardly noticed. When supper time arrived, he washed down his meal with a glass of water. If he wanted whisky, he could have a glass in one more hour.

When that hour elapsed, Bill decided he could wait another hour. Sure, he wanted a drink. And he COULD have a drink (or two if he wanted), but in one hour. (Source)


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Posted: April 29th, 2011
at 9:33am by mnp

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