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The presentation ceremony for the First Annual Ninjie Awards has been postponed until the new year to give final entrants a chance to still make it big in ’06.AA There’s a lot to say about the year behind us, as always, so stick around for that.

Because of technical difficulties we haven’t had a proper ART DAY! in a while, and so today I’m pleased to present you with many art entries.AA I could waste your time talking about them here or you could just scroll down.

self portrait, nancy calcutt

In keeping with our artspan tradition, we bring you paintings by Nancy Calcutt.AA Born in Southbridge MA and currently residing in Kentucky, with a long list of professional accomplishments, Calcutt is making some ill ish. Nancy has an artspan page that has some really sick pieces that you should most definitely check out.AA I’m just gonna drop a few pieces on you, but really this doesn’t do her justice.AA She has many styles and experiments with different materials.AA Go check out her wide range.



from the artist

Within each of us is a world.AAAA By drawing and painting people and animals, I explore their world, dig deeper and delve into what is behind and beyond the surface.AAAA My work is a lot about connection and empowerment.AAAA I paint the relationships that people have with animals by combining the human and animal in one composition.AAAA I also merge animals and humans, oftentimes creating what appear to be new creatures, imbued with a renewed life force and strength that result from their unity…the power of two as opposed to one.
I have difficulty with any type of falseness.AAAA Animals don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are.AAAA They communicate with us in nonverbal ways, which can be much truer than words and a lot more fun.AAAA Animals are comfortable in their own skin and keep us connected to the earth and the sensual world.AAAA We could all learn a few lessons from them.AAAA Animals have no opinions about art or how one should do their portraits, freeing artists to depict them any way they see fit.

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Posted: December 29th, 2006
at 3:04pm by black octagons

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