Train Bombing

This (video below) was so controversial on that I had to repost it. It seems that not only do Americans have a problem with graffiti (which I can understand) but also that they use populism to trash blogs that may think it’s cool, if not just worth a gander in extreme cases. I’ve seen this same behavior on many an internet blog, but this is my cause du jour because it irked the heck out of me.

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I think Americans need a healthy dose of "your opinion doesn’t matter" for breakfast. It’s not that I oppose hearing your voices, but (take a look at the comments on that blog) I honestly am tired of you people being absolutely outraged at everything… Is this what the "birthers" do in their spare time?

Graf culture is, at the very least, interesting. The art is often times wildly expressive and intriguing, as are the methods. From an objective standpoint one could say that vandalism (even that passing for art) is irresponsible, producing a municipal cleanup burden that is unfair for the taxpayer. I personally would argue that if that is the case, there are a whole range of other issues that anyone making this argument deserves to be MORE fired up about, but that may be irrelevant.

I personally think that many of the people commenting on that post probably do things that, viewed through the right lens, could be said to be equally or more reprehensible and/or irresponsible. But that may also be irrelevant.

I would continue to say that anybody who has never viewed a piece of illegal street art and thought "cool" is as deficient as the Catholic Church during the enlightenment and needs to broaden their horizons a bit - but, again, irrelevant maybe.

One thing I can say is that the part of graf culture about "fighting the system" is a wholly American, wholly democratic activity. I’m sure the early American terrorists who rebelled against the British were frowned upon for "fighting the system" too. In fact, they vandalized a lot of good British tea. When blacks in America fought Jim Crow laws, they practiced civil disobedience as well, albeit non-destructive of property. No matter how decentralized or unfocused it is, we must realize that this ideology plays a large role in the graffiti culture. The art having evolved from the disparate American street, is it really that surprising? Now there’s relevance!

Civil disobedience is as American as apple pie- so don’t be down with the fascists. That said, tag my house and I’ll tag your spouse.

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Posted: November 23rd, 2010
at 12:55pm by Black Ock

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