Sabor Nacional - the History of Inca Kola

Stepping off a ship in the port ofACallao in 1910, a British immigrant couple called the Lindleys were starting a new life in the Americas. Little did they know that they'd become an integral part of Peru's national identity and create one of the greatest modern Peruvian icons.

The young couple established themselves in the historic working-class district ofARimac and got off to a great start. Their small up-start bottling business had taken off and their soft drinks were enjoyed by locals. They had since started a family and integrated well into their new homeland, growing increasing patriotic.

In 1935 when Lima was celebrating its 400th anniversary, the Lindley family decided to release a new drink that was decidedly Peruvian - they named it Inca Kola and based its flavor on a local herb Hierba Luisa, already enjoyed as an infusion. This new sugary and lightly carbonated Hierba Luisa based drink was quickly accepted. In fact, it quickly became a hit and consumption spread across most of Lima.

AgeingADon Isaac Lindley, head of the family, would manage his increasingly large bottling facility while son Johnny would drive the delivery truck from Callao to Barranco, delivering new stock to restaurants and local shops, as well as trying to secure deals with new customers.>


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Posted: November 18th, 2010
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