My Ninja, Please! 7/26/06: The Paris PD be Hatiiin’


I’m not actually talking about Paris, but rather Nancy, France, where police have made one of the most startling busts of the year.AA They managed to thwart an organized crime ring of crazy little ninjas, hell-bent on rolling the world’s largest joint ever.

Apparently these young dons were trying to register the oinj and actually break the official world record (Guinness, I guess) with a J measuring 1.12 meters… with over 70 grams of kind hash.AA But luckily Inspector Gadget swooped in, just in the nickel of time to foil the would-be blazed-outta-their-mind stoners. Little did the teens know that this is nowhere near the real world record.AA Not even close…. (nahmsayn).

"During an investigation targeting a group of four smokers in the eastern Vosges area of France, police discovered the giant joint containing 70 grams of marijuana resin. It had not been finished because of a lack of tobacco."

And if you don’t believe me, read the story @ YahooNews


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Posted: July 26th, 2006
at 10:18am by black octagons

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  1. silly frenchies


    26 Jul 06 at 10:43 am


  2. it would have happened but nnnoooo!!!! stupid inspector gadget… As the great Dr. Claw once said “i’ll get you yet gadget!!!!!”


    26 Jul 06 at 11:09 am



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