China Launches Moon mission

A Long March 3C rocket with the Chang’e-2 probe took off from Xichang launch centre at about 1100 GMT. AThe rocket will shoot the craft into the trans-lunar orbit, after which the satellite is expected to reach the Moon in about five days. AChang’e-2 will be used to test key technologies and collect data for future landings. A The latest launch, to test key technologies and gather data, is China’s second lunar mission China says it will send a rover on its next mission, and it also has ambitions to put humans on the surface of the lunar body at some future date. AThe Xinhua News Agency said Chang’e-2 would circle just 15km (nine miles) above the rocky terrain in order to take photographs of possible landing locations. AIt is China’s second lunar probe - the first was launched in 2007. The craft stayed in space for 16 months before being intentionally crashed on to the Moon’s surface.


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Posted: October 1st, 2010
at 3:08pm by Koookiecrumbles

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