Check Box Artist: DStruction

where are you from?

I’m from Massachusetts.

how did music influence your life?

Well, growing up, my mother always had a variety of music playing in the house. Lots of Stevie Wonder, Sade, Anita Baker, but also **** like Kenny G, Genesis, Billy Joel and Eric Clapton. My older brother got me into hip hop and rap with groups like Stetsasonic, NWA, Boogie Down Productions, and Run DMC.

how do you see music’s influence on the daily citizen?

Well, music is everywhere, even if we don’t realize it. Most people dont take the time to listen to **** that they aren’t forced to listen to, and that’s a shame. For the daily citizen, the average joe, music is just something to assist in getting through the day. For me though, it is much more than that. It’s life to me, without music, you might as well consider me dead.

what gear do you use to produce?

My mind is the best piece of gear I use, but I also use a few different MPC models, mostly the 2000. I also use my vinyl collection, which is over 2000 pieces now. It would be a lot more than that, but they take up a lot of space! I also use a Roland vs890 multitracker, a few keyboards every now and then, guitars, live drums, and other instruments, like the kalimba and didgeridoo.

how do you perceive the equipment that you use?

I’m used to the the MPC, but honestly it’s not the gear its the ear. I think I can make good music with anything. haha, back in high school I made some of the freshest beats just banging on different parts of the desk.

who should like your music?

Everyone can find a track they like. That’s the thing, my music suffers from bipolar disorder, hence my record label’s name, Bi-Polar Inc. Tonight I might make some trippy experimental **** the college kids might like, then tomorrow I’ll switch it up and do some commercial **** for the broads to shake some ass to. I like broads shaking ass so it’s fun to make music for that. The day after that I might **** with some heavy metal ****.

where can people catch you performing live?

Well, every Saturday I DJ at Stevie B’s in Onset MA. I’m not a real DJ I admit that but I’m a good DJ, meaning I keep the dance floor packed and your girlfriends all like to come see me do my thing, and shake those ****ies. January 13th at the same spot Stevie B’s in Onset, we are doing a Bi-Polar Inc show. We took a break from the live shows for a few months to focus on new material. Also, Febuary 17th at KC’s Tap in Pawtucket Rhode Island, we are gonna do the damn thing. So come check us out! Also, I do Hoodstock every summer.


what is Hoodstock?

Hoodstock is an annual music festival I throw and headline, featuring many genres of music and many different acts. The festival is outdoors not too far from the beach. Last year we had 12 acts ranging from local kids to nationally known acts such as Jake the Snake, who last summer had the number one song on college radio, and Smoke Bulga, who has been on the grind in Boston for years and finally signed a major deal. I wanna thank those guys for showin the love. Hoodstock has live music, food, liqour, and lots of fans having a good time. I run the ****, with my own security so dont worry about the trees, just spark it up!

what is in the works in the future?

For the future, I plan on moving to a major city to get more exposure. Probably ATL. I also wanna focus more on my homie GodBouts music, because i think he is the future of this ****. He keeps me on my toes when it comes to writing and making songs, which is great. **** yes men.

what happened down under?

Yooooooooooooooooo my brother Amilcar was driving his wife to the hospital to give birth, when they got stuck in traffic! Her water broke so my brother pulled over and tried to call 911 or whatever they have in Australia, but the phone service was bad. My dude delivered the baby himself, in his truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read the link! Thats how we do it! BI-POLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also wanna shoutout my labelmates GodBout, Mistah Watson, Son, E-Clips, Classic, Suzy Q, and our new member WordSmif. check out my myspace at

Sidewayz- DStruction feat. GodBout (Produced by DStruction) download hi-fi
Watch Me- DStruction (Produced by DJ Protege) download hi-fi
Whoa - DStruction (Produced by Music City Productions) download hi-fi
Whats Done Iz Done- DStruction feat. GodBout (Prod. by Tehron Porter) download hi-fi

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Posted: December 4th, 2006
at 7:35pm by Koookiecrumbles

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