Jason Krugman : Electric Zoo Art Installation

Living Objects in Brooklyn's McCarren Park - December 2009

Jason Krugman is displaying his Living Objects series this weekend in NYC at the Electric Zoo Festival, stop by!

RANDALL'S ISLAND, NY September 4th and 5th, 2010 - Jason Krugman will present a large-scale illuminated sculptural installation as the art centerpiece at this year's Electric Zoo music festival. Currently in its second year, the 2-day festival is expected to draw upwards of 40,000 fans with its 70+ musical acts, including headliners The Chemical Brothers and Armin Van Buuren.

Krugman's installation will be the most recent incarnation of his ongoing "Living Objects" series, based around the creation and placement of illuminated humanoid sculptures. The sculptures are made largely from recycled shrink-wrap, wire and LED strands. With his Living Objects, Krugman strikes a balance between authentic human beings, and artificial forms, comprised of industrial plastic and refuse. In a combination of Parks-Department-approved and guerilla installations, Krugman has placed his sculptures in trees, on top of buildings, and in public parks.

"‘Living Objects’ [are] simultaneously impressive and scrappy: they're the kind of pieces you appreciate and engage with almost immediately, due to their human- like form as well as their construction." JAMES YEH - GREENPOINT GAZETTE

: For more information go to jasonkrugman.com :

Living Objects in McCarren Park was commissioned by the North Brooklyn Public Arts Coalition and the Open Space Alliance. Photos by Sarah Pirozek


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Posted: September 3rd, 2010
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