Yo, Real Ninjas Got Moon-Side Property… Ya Heard?

Talk to my main man Denislav Stoichev at the Bulgarian Lunar Embassy if you’re interested. You think I’m frontin? Well funk you then…

When you cop your one-acre plot, you be joining some pretty famous land-owners. Among the crazy-ass heads that have bought moon property are Madonna, Richard Nixon, the late Pope John Paul II and some high-ranking officials at NASA.

Hurry up though, it’s fillin up quick. There’s only a billion plots left!

Says Denislav (What a name, by the way!):

"Most people here take it more as a joke, a funny present for someone’s birthday," Stoichev said, adding, however, "in another 100 years we might be living on the moon or Mars and I want to be one of the first colonists".

Welp, it would be good if you owned it first doggy! If any of you cats are into the idea, talk to me first because I got those fatty dimes of moon rock ready for the taking…

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Posted: July 24th, 2006
at 11:47pm by Black Ock

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