Publishing in the Age of the Internet

It is routine to hear tutors and studio heads bemoaning the amount of time students and designers spend gorging on the numberless websites and blogs devoted to the visual archaeology of graphic design. If you dig deep enough online, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find every significant piece of graphic design ever made. If it’s not onFlickr,Affffound,AGrain Edit, or one of a thousand other sites, it will beAsoon.

This super-abundance of visual material floating untethered in the frictionless wastes of the internet has had two profound side effects. The first is on the sales of graphic design books. I recently interviewed Marc Valli, the astute co-founder ofAMagma Books, the mini-chain of UK bookstores known intimately to all British designers. He told me that there is a sardonic mantra regularly exchanged by book buyers: "5 is the new 50." Where once a buyer would take fifty copies of a title, they now take a paltry five. "Do not believe anyone who tells you that people are buying the same amount of books," says Valli. "They’re kidding themselves a or they’re lying.">


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Posted: August 8th, 2010
at 8:47am by Koookiecrumbles

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