myninjaplease turns 1000!

We’re 1000 posts old, my ninjas, but, how old is that in dog-posts?
Anyway… Congrats to us.

1000 post at mnp

Will the blogosphere ever be the same? Na. Is mnp even in the blogosphere? Hell naw!

As you can see we changed the grid of madness again. Just a quick rundown: the bottom two rows in that there crazy grid are all the categories here on myninjaplease. At any time you can click on the ninja and be taken to the main page. The rest of the grid is empty right now, as we are reorganizing or smattering of random posts (so stop with the hate mail, ya ninjas). [Ed: you might have to clear your browser cache to see the changes]

Things here tend to relate whether or not anybody likes it because of our sequencing- we will be working on getting posts a,b,c from past, present and future more integrated in the next few weeks. You know its not even about the numbers cause I’m pretty sure there’s something for everybody- this is just another post.

It’s amazing how we’ve grown over the last five months and we’d like to thank everybody and stuff. A bunch of ninja-lovers out here. OK, enough of that, let’s get to what you really want. The content.

Don’t forget to send any and all correspondence to

Our first story is courtesy of a regular contributor of ours, Pheezatron. Followed by a kookiecrumbles cinema extravaganza. Some architecture from orangemenace and a writeup of our friend and ninja Jason Krugman.

Bruce Lee gets own Theme Park!


A Bruce Lee-themed park is to be built at the late kung-fu star’s ancestral home in China, the president of his Hong Kong fan club has said.

The park will feature a statue of Lee - who died 34 years ago - as well as a memorial hall and martial arts academy.

Newspaper reports in China have put the estimated cost of the park at 200 million Chinese Yuan (A£13m).

But fan club chairman Wong Yiu-keung told The Associated Press he was not sure who is funding the planned park.

Well that could be a little problem, you know, the funds and stuff. Still, in all, we’re glad to see one of the grand ninjas of all time get his own theme park. He’s no Bruce Leroy, but that’s OK. Those are big shoes to fill.

A ceremony to mark the laying of foundations at the park in Shunde, near Hong Kong, was held on Sunday, attended by Lee’s younger brother Robert and actress Betty Ting Pei.

Lee was born in the US but first shot to fame in Hong Kong, where he had moved as a child.

His most famous films include Fist of Fury, Enter the Dragon and Game of Death.

He died aged 32 in July 1973 from a cerebral edema - a swelling of the brain.

A statue of Lee was unveiled in Hong Kong last year on what would have been his 65th birthday.

Originally From: The BBC

The Rube Goldberg Machine: Part III (mnp is kinetic)

Japanese kinetic art.

Kinematics as demonstrated by a world leader- soon to be implemented.

Cinema ii.0

top 50 indie films of all time from empireonline

Phare: Paris’ New Eco-Tower


This new ‘eco-tower’, ‘Phare‘ in ParisLa Defense district has been designed by Thom Mayne [previously of Morphosis, for y’all ninjas in the know], which will actually rival the Eiffel Tower in height.

"There’s a fluidity, a sensuousness, a softness to the form as it reaches to the sky," he said, describing the asymmetric twist of the building, which swells out over an elevated lobby in the lower portion before tapering off to a thicket of wind turbines on the roof. Mayne says it will be "a prototype for a green building" with a wind farm generating its own heating and cooling for five months of the year and a movable "double skin" to cut the heat from direct sunlight through the windows.’




via Treehugger and Marvelous Architectures

Jason Krugman - Ninja in our Sidebar

Well. there’s a few things we can say about Jason. For one, we actually know this dude. His art is dope, his attitude is crucial and we can vouch. What else can we say about the man? His website is nascent (and ill), it’s about to blow up… And did we mention his art was dope?


What’s cool about his art, as you can partially see from the gallery on his "journals" page, is that he experiments with a lot of mixed media. His art has the quality of being raw and fresh out of a book. That’s why the journals format works so well on his page, because his art already gives you the feeling of being inside of (as opposed to outside) the artist’s life and train of thought. A lot of the stuff literally jumps off the page at you. I’ve seen some of his art in person and, needless to say, I was impressed.


I could obviously say a lot more but, a picture is worth a thousand words. Go check out the man’s site, going forth with the knowledge that this is not the last you’ll hear about him from us.

This has been a thousandth post extravaganza. We’ll see you at 2000!


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Posted: November 29th, 2006
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  1. yall supposed to say congratulations, ninjas. oh btw i just got fired, holla!

    black octagons

    29 Nov 06 at 5:48 pm


  2. CONGRATULATIONS on 1000. The loyal MNP followers know this is just the beginning…


    30 Nov 06 at 1:53 am


  3. Apologies for the whackness that is currently messing with my site. The hosting company was having problems accepting my meager payments and so they shut me down like 6 NYPDs on a coke bust. Please come check it out soon.



    30 Nov 06 at 2:19 pm


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  5. […] Okay, okay – so I realize that everyone’s seen this before – both on our MNP Turns 1000 post from a while back, and probably all over the rest of the internet…but who cares? I just realized that this post was sitting in my drafts as one that I never brought over to the architecture site while we were setting it up. So here it is, a lil throwback for all my ninjas who were sleeping when it originally posted: […]


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  7. […] what the chuck is going down ninjas? the counter says this is post 2000 so officially one could assume that we have now entered version 2.0. as stuart scott once said “that’s redundant from the redundancy department.” pure knowledge that can only be digested. what’s in store for the future? haha you must wait and see. just be on the lookout for those shadowy figures that are lurking behind you (sometimes beside you depending on the time of the day). often our angry readers ask why? there could be many additions to this post, but frankly this one’s not really a milestone it’s more of a reminder of what has happened in the past. [W]hile civil rights was deeply influential on white countercultural movements in America [in the late 1960s through mid-1970s], folk music was somewhat less influential, feminism less still, and gay rights hardly at all. . . . One might move from feminist activism to gay rights activism, or from civil rights activism to Jewish ethnic particularism; but despite the perception that sixties consciousness was Vietnam consciousness, religious people did not seem to move back and forth as much between antiwar activism and other kinds of activism. The war was an issue unto itself. (217, 218) Counter-culture is thus the active critique or transformation of the existing social, scientific or aesthetic paradigm. It is religious reform. It is the heresy of whoever confers a license upon himself and prefigures another church. It is the only cultural manifestation that a dominant culture is unable to acknowledge and accept. . . . Counter-culture comes about when those who transform the culture in which they live become critically conscious of what they are doing and elaborate a theory of their deviation from the dominant model, offering a model that is capable of sustaining itself. (19) […]



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