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Did you know that you could tell a friend about myninjaplease by clicking on that lil’ link down yonder below each post that says "tell a friend?" Well duhhh. You can also click the appropriate icon to add us to any of the social bookmarking sites we have listed. If you would like to see more or other features let us know!


Read our RSS and remember, SHARING MEANS CARING, my ninjas!!

[Ed: this would be especially crucial for the post right below]


Ace Dickerson asked us a question:

    1. Ace Dickerson Says:
      Two questions. Call me stupid, but:
      what is "RSS" ?
      and what are the three little image link buttons above "tell a friend" ?

    Well Mr. Dickerson (and I do feel dirty calling you that), I’m glad you asked, you un-saavy ninja. RSS stands for either rich site summary or really simple syndication depending on what ninja you ask. Basically, those links in our sidebar are the links to our RSS feeds. If you use and RSS enabled device (phone, psp, camera, screen saver, browser, umm.. bag of peanuts) then you get a stream from our site of up to date content. That way you dont always have to log in to the site to know what’s going on in the dojo, my son. Thus and therefore, get down on it, my dude!

    Now those little goofy little linked pictures see come to us by way of wordpress plugin Notable which allows you to easily submit an article from this site to one of (in our case) three bookmarking sites. A lot of people use these sites to find web content. For instance, if you have a account you can "digg" one of our articles by just clicking a button? Good deal, right?

    I hope that answers your question and thanks for supporting [tag]mnp[/tag], famly.


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  1. Two questions. Call me stupid, but:
    what is “RSS” ?
    and what are the three little image link buttons above “tell a friend” ?

    Ace Dickerson

    20 Nov 06 at 7:18 pm


  2. what all you MNP fam out there need is a way to subscribe. If you click the lil orange box in the corner of the address bar in Firefox, that will do it for ya, activating a ‘live’ bookmark, that will update when MNP does [dont have firefox? well, you may not be a ninja then if youre a windows user]. OR you can get something to manage your blogs a lil more, like a service such as BLOGLINES [google it]. You subscribe to your favorite blogs, and when you go to bloglines theyre all there, updated and ready to read. Check it out.


    21 Nov 06 at 12:38 pm



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