Melt Down Your Pennies!!


"The penny is going to disappear soon unless something changes in the economics of commodities," says Robert Hoge, an expert on North American coins at The American Numismatic Society.

A new push to do away with the penny is being considered, which will mean rounding to the nearest nickel on all purchases. Myninjaplease! You can’t screw me out of my pennies…

While this isn’t the first time officials have tried to remove the coin, this is the first time it has cost more than 1 cent to make a penny [currently it costs 1.2 cents]. So clearly the ninja thing to do would be do melt down these suckas and cash in while you can… or make shurikens.

article at CNN


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Posted: July 22nd, 2006
at 11:49am by orangemenace

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