UK Officials Mull Carbon Trading System


In the wake of the raw environmental truths that are pollution and global warming UK officials have begun to look into a possible "carbon trading system."AA The system would operate by rationing out a carbon allowance that could be spent with a sort of credit card for gas, air travel, etc.AA God forbid your carbon runs out, though.AA Then you would be charged for extra carbon.AA My ninja, please!

"The overall points distributed would decrease each year as the U.K. aims to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The system is unlikely to happen in the short term, and Miliband admits that it’s "easy to dismiss the idea as too complex administratively, too utopian, or too much of a burden for citizens." But individuals account for 44 percent of Britain’s emissions, and Miliband believes a CO2 trading system could be fair and effective."

Source Article from Grist Magazine


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Posted: July 21st, 2006
at 3:23pm by black octagons

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