Bloom Box : Powering the Future?

I’m sure many of you have seen this by now somewhere on these here internets - the Bloom Box, designed by Bloom Energy. Long story short, this super-secretive project claims that just 2 of these little boxes could power your family home - and that a stack of just over 60 could power a small business.

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They don’t seem like that revolutionary of a solution to me, really, as most of those installed so far are using natural gas as the fuel going in to the fuel cell - but they do seem to be SUPER efficient.

Best part of the video - the green tech guy being interviewed is asked if we’ll all have Bloom Boxes in 10+ years - he says "there’s a 20% chance that we will - but it’ll say GE on it". HAHA.

Head over to Gizmodo for a technical breakdown of the Bloom Box and it’s potential.


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Posted: February 25th, 2010
at 10:34am by orangemenace

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