Yahoo to Offer DRM-free MP3s (Holleratchaboy!)


It stands to reason that if you already done paid your $0.99 per song for your Gnarls Barkley tracks from ITMS that you might be able to, I don’t know, copy them wherever you want, agreed? Well, Yahoo agrees too and is pushing forward with their eventual plans to sell all of their music with no restrictions. wonders what the record companies think of that idea (and doesn’t particularly care).

Ok Granted, the only song available right now is some Jessica Simpson track… and granted it’s two bucks… but it’s still interesting enough for us to drop the link on ya.

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Posted: July 21st, 2006
at 11:24am by black octagons

Categories: music,web

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  1. so, about these drm files…check out a program called TUNEBITE if they’re causing you any problems. i think the name says it all


    21 Jul 06 at 2:36 pm


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