Graffiti Ninja Weaponry!

In an effort to completely eliminate all graffiti artists, Mayor Bloomberg and Marc Ecko have funded research that has led to the invention of a ninja-less graffiti artist.AA If all goes according to plan, this machine will replace the ninjas, painting walls of the city by night while the NYPD eliminates all the real writers.AA Ninjas, heed this call! We must band together to master such technology so that our artists aren’t all deaded on.
"In a Beautiful Place Out in The Country"



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Posted: July 22nd, 2006
at 12:11pm by Koookiecrumbles

Categories: youtube,art

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  1. Our Ninja skills will evolve and survive through countless number of deterents.Only will it make are skills stronger and are instincts keener.We like a challenge,it will feed our already inflated egos.Eventually the naturally weaker, less developed ones will die off laving only a race of super writers.Only then will stronger more evolved Ninja writers emerge from the fog to catch wreck, driven by determination and fame to conquer near impossible feats. Generations of young Ninjas will soon idolize us and our heroic efforts.They will soon learn the way of the graffiti Ninja,By beliving and idolizing our history and legendary status and making it their own.we dont die we multiply motherfucker……………..and i’m out…ps marc ecko is a fucking hipacrit he was once a graffiti bomber himself.


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