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Heeyeeyeaay. A big what’s up to all loyal ninjas! We’re just about as excited as you are that it’s friday again, and possibly slightly more excited than you that it’s ART DAY! once again. We’ve got some cool stuff for you today, including cut out masks (slightly arts and crafts day) and tight photos by Boogie! So keep your scrollers scrolling.

What you’re about to see is the art of Uwe Henneken, born in 1974 in Germany and currently working in Berlin.


Henneken’s work reflects upon the human condition; the search for meaning and fear of the unknown. When the work includes a figure it is placed in the painting as an awkward interloper, searching or confused. Because Henneken moves between and imitates different styles of painting, the figures are forced to grapple with the ever changing art-historical backdrops that surround them, leaving the viewer to consider what is aesthetically good, and contemplate the cyclical movement of cultural trends.



As always, to see previous ART DAYS! click the link… or better yet click on any Friday on the calendar (that way you get the whole day’s posts). Scrolly Scrollalicious.


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Posted: October 27th, 2006
at 11:57am by black octagons

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