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For All You Crazy Bastards Who Still Think Evolution is a Big Conspiracy…

Get over it, it’s real!


"Finches on the Galapagos Islands that inspired Charles Darwin to develop the concept of evolution are now helping confirm it a€" by evolving.A medium sized species of Darwin’s finch has evolved a smaller beak to take advantage of different seeds just two decades after the arrival of a larger rival for its original food source.

The altered beak size shows that species competing for food can undergo evolutionary change, said Peter Grant of Princeton University, lead author of the report appearing in Friday’s issue of the journal Science."

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 11:08am by Black Ock

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Enron Witnesses Taking More Shots Than 50 Cent

The recent discovery of a body in northeast London raises some serious questions. The death of Neil Coulbeck, a banker very closely tied to the Enron fraud case, marks the third "unexplained" death of an Enron employee/witness since the scandal began.

After Jim Baxter "committed suicide" in his car in 2002, Enron Vice President Sherron Watkins told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that she feared for her life. And let’s not even start with Ken Lay… Alive or dead, that dude escaped the worst!

Somethin shady’s going on, that much we know…


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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:57am by Black Ock

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Mr. T, My How You’ve Changed!

Mr. T has announced that he will be getting rid of his 200-pound gold chizains after witnessing the terrible events of Hurricane Katrina.

From Yahoo:

"As a spiritual man, I felt it would be a sin against my God for me to wear all that gold again because I spent a lot of time with the less fortunate…Yes, I am qualified to beat people up. But I am pretty intelligent. That’s what throws people off. If you’ve been through something, that gives you an authority that you can speak on certain things. That’s why people relate to me. I pull no punches."


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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:46am by Black Ock

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Intel Core 2 Duo Trounces AMDs Current Chips in Breakdance Battle!

The new Intel chips walloped the AMD competitors in 35 out of the 37 tests run by esteemed tech site Tom’s Hardware! That’s a considerable roundhouse to AMD’s shining reputation. Not only are the Core 2s superior performance-wise, but they use considerably less energy than the Athlons and almost 30% less than the earlier Pentiums. It will be, by far, the best x86 processor on the market when it hits the public on July 27th.

AMD has plans for retaliation though, in the form of what is only known as the "4X4," a processor with 4 independent cores.

Check out the epic battle on Tom’s Hardware.

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:26am by Black Ock

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So, for a week or so, I been messing around with this little freeware iTunes add-on called GimmeSomeTune. It’s got an attractive interface and adds some functionality to iTunes with a floating translucent window that displays current song info. There’s a lot of features and it’s highly customizable. My favorite part, though, is that it’ll automatically download album art for whatever song you’re playing.

Get it from Eternal Storms Software.

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:15am by Black Ock

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So we all know junk food is bad, but CRACK in the pringles?

Yes, my ninja, it’s true. The Austin, TX police apparently confiscated "17 cookies of crack cocaine" after arresting a man for giving them a fake name. So yeah, when you’re on the way to your next crack party and you get pulled over, give them your real name!

via boingboing
The Blotter article here
and the photo link

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:05am by Black Ock

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Who said gardens are for chicks?

This reclining seductress turned up at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show in London, England.

via Grand Illusion

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 9:52am by Black Ock

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Yeah, pretty boring, but this is how to submit items to the ninjas…

So yeah, as ill as we are on our own, the ninja family over here at is always looking for suggestions for items or even complete postings… Who knows, if you’ve got good stuff to say and are a little sick and twisted (not too much, let’s have some decency), you might carve yourself out an official niche over here, ditch your sensei and become a real live ninja…please! Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Tell us who you are
That way, we can tell all these fools who hooked us up with the goods…
Give us your email. That way, if we need any info, we won’t need to hunt you down like a thief in the night and assault you with barbecue tongs. No, we won’t share your address, and I’m not even gonna address spam (ninja?!).

2. Include a link in your e-mail
No link, no gravy… That’s it…
Okay, if you’ve got something amazing to say, we’ll try to listen, but it better be good cuz us ninjas don’t have as free a schedule as many would have you believe, and though we might ramble about nothing…this is our site, bitches!

3. Describe the link
Again, tell us what the hell yer talking about. This might be more important than it sounds…we already spend all day cavorting around the net…one more click and…you never know. Oh yeah, and don’t go crazy with your description. That’s our job. Be straight forward and tell us what to expect… Like a ninja, right to the point…

4. Only send suggestions once
We know there’s a lot of good stuff, but it all can’t make it. We check the mail, so if it doesn’t show up, don’t push it…Keep your eyes peeled for more ninjaworthy material and get at us…If it’s ill, it’ll be on here eventually (or last week).

So yeah, hit us on the virtual hip and we’ll all bask in the love.

suggest an item

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 8:12am by Black Ock

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