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Dumpster divers rejoice beware!AA Somebody is putting trippies in choco bars in Amsterdam and discarding them in trash cans near the airport!

THE HAGUE (AFP) - Police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has released a warning for hallucinogenic dark chocolate bars after a homeless man ate one and confused their uniforms with wedding dresses.

"He ate some and we found him hallucinating", mixing up police uniforms with wedding dresses, police spokesman Rob Stenacker told AFP on Thursday.

Police later found more chocolate bars on the ground and in airport dustbins.

"They were very likely bought in the Netherlands and abandoned at the airport by travellers who didn’t dare to take them on board (the plane)," Stenacker said.

Police warned the public to be careful if they found any abandoned dark chocolate: "Don’t eat it, you don’t know what’s in it. Imagine what would happen if a child ate it."

Imagine what would happen? He’d trip balls, that’s what.

Original Article Via: Yahoo News


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Posted: August 21st, 2006
at 11:17am by black octagons

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Mmm - Julia Child Dies, Ninjas Stay Hungry

Life itself is the proper bingeAA- Julia Child

Well as some of you know already, Julia Child has died at age 91.AA And if you didn’t know.. stop smoking so damn much and read a little.AA So in order for you to get over your depression, we here at myninjaplease have decided to bring you some pics and links from damn near of century of tasty treats.AA Click each pic and be surprised where you end up.



scallop.bmpAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA tuna tartare.bmp

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Posted: August 18th, 2006
at 12:40pm by black octagons

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100 bucks to the best myninjaplease ketchup label

In celebration of their 130th Anniversary, Heinz is allowing the public to create their own unique labels to go on their favorite ketchup bottles.

Create here, read here.

From Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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Posted: August 10th, 2006
at 11:02am by Koookiecrumbles

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Easy-Pack Melons

Here’s something to make packing picnics a little easier.

Tesco exotic fruit buyer Damien Sutherland: "We"ve seen samples of these watermelons and they literally stop you in their tracks because they are so eye-catching.

To be sold in UK this September.

via Ananova

(Ed: These were featured in Adbusters - one of my favorite mags - a year or two ago. If I recall correctly, they’re less unnatural than they appear. The watermelons are grown in square boxes to egiv them that shape. Still don’t know if I’d eat one!)

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Posted: August 4th, 2006
at 4:05pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Ai Weiwei - Sunflower Seeds

If you find yourself in London before May 2nd, 2011, pop in to the Tate Modern Museum and check out the installation by Artist Ai Weiwei, free of charge. Weiwei, a Chinese conceptual artist, has - with the help of a team of specialists - painstakingly sculpted thousands upon thousands of porcelain sunflower seeds. These seeds line the floor of the Tate’s Turbine Hall - each stamped with "Made in China" - and the entire exhibit can be walked-on, picked-up, and experienced up close by the public.

Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds
Roberto Alomar would have a field day

This really is pretty cool.

The article I read over at Juxtapoz (the same place from which I ninjered the pics, read the link for more details, including dimensions) claims that the choice of medium was an allusion to China’s long history of porcelain-making. Although we think of porcelain as the translucent-white pottery that gained popularity in China during the early part of the first millennium, it stands to mention that China has a much longer ceramics history. Some of the oldest examples of pottery in the world, some almost 11,000 years old, have been found in Paleolithic caves of China. Nowadays, a good majority of cheap ceramics in the US come in as Chinese imports. Importing, coveting, and, most of all breaking, Chinese porcelain is about as American as baseball and sunflower seeds.

Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds cover the entire Turbine Hall

I’d love to see this exhibit for myself, but also admit that if you throw some salt on those bad boys, I could end up in that customs holding cell again.

Update: Apparently you can’t walk on it anymore. For more info check the link after the quote.

Sunflower Seeds is made up of millions of small works, each apparently identical, but actually unique. However realistic they may seem, these life-sized sunflower seed husks are in fact intricately hand-crafted in porcelain.

Each seed has been individually sculpted and painted by specialists working in small-scale workshops in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen. Far from being industrially produced, they are the effort of hundreds of skilled hands. Poured into the interior of the Turbine Hall’s vast industrial space, the 100 million seeds form a seemingly infinite landscape.

Porcelain is almost synonymous with China and, to make this work, Ai Weiwei has manipulated traditional methods of crafting what has historically been one of China’s most prized exports. Sunflower Seeds invites us to look more closely at the "Made in China" phenomenon and the geo-politics of cultural and economic exchange today. (Tate Modern)

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Posted: September 22nd, 2020
at 8:50pm by Black Ock

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