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My Bum is on the Wall

Invaders on the walls and in your pants!

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Posted: October 17th, 2006
at 11:12am by Koookiecrumbles

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Idiots and Politics

A list of the top ten dumbest congressmen (and women).

10. Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY)

Bunning is a Hall of Fame pitcher who, during his eight years in office, has shown "little interest in legislation that doesn’t concern baseball," writes Time magazine. And Kentucky doesn’t even have a major-league baseball team. His campaign style is so completely unhinged that political observers openly speculated in 2004 that the then-73-year-old was suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. "His is a tragic case of descent into senility," says one Hill staffer, "except without the ‘descent’ bit." To scotch the rumors, Bunning was forced to hold a press conference and offer up doctor’s reports. AA

Among his antics that year: Telling a group of GOP fundraisers that his Italian-American opponent, Daniel Mongiardo, physically resembled Saddam Hussein’s sons, Uday and Qusay; referring on the stump to the tragic terror attacks of November 11, 2001; and adding a federal security detail to his campaign in the firm conviction that members of Al Qaedaa€"the masterminds of November 11a€"had targeted him for elimination. ("There may be strangers among us," he darkly informed a Paducah TV crew.)

The piece de resistance, though, was a debate with Mongiardo: Bunning notified event organizers at the eleventh hour that he was tied up with legislative business in Washington and would have to participate via satellite. During the event it was painfully obvious that the incumbent was delivering his debate points with the aid of a teleprompter, violating the event’s ground rules. And whatever urgent business Bunning claimed to be in town for couldn’t have had anything to do with his joba€"the Senate had gone into recess the previous Monday.

If you’re roliing as hard as I was, check out the full list via Radar Online, a special report.

[Ed. Thanks to Pheez for sending in the last two]

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Posted: October 17th, 2006
at 10:17am by black octagons

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DVD Rewinder

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Posted: October 16th, 2006
at 8:30am by Koookiecrumbles

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Circle of Protection: Afghani! Troops Lack Mana to Burn 10ft Tall Plants

afghani defense 3

"Sir, three years ago before I joined the army, I never thought I’d say ‘That damn marijuana’."

The Canadians have recognized the evils of battling the evil herb as viewed pictures from this personal web-journal.

The few, the proud, the blazed as sh!t. It can’t be that much different than Canada is for real, though. This just goes to show that where there’s ninjas…

afghani defense 2

"We tried burning them with white phosphorous — it didn’t work. We tried burning them with diesel — it didn’t work. The plants are so full of water right now … that we simply couldn’t burn them," he said.

This should be telling you something guys… they just ain’t ready to be picked yet.

afghani defense 1

I’m reminded of a John Holt song. Why do I feel like every time I plant a seed, they say, "kill it before it grow"?…. so I shot I shot I shot.

"The challenge is that marijuana plants absorb energy, heat very readily. It’s very difficult to penetrate with thermal devices. … And as a result you really have to be careful that the Taliban don’t dodge in and out of those marijuana forests," he said in a speech in Ottawa, Canada.

And who’da thunk the Taliban would ever reach ninja status? Thanks to Jay for sending this in!

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Posted: October 13th, 2006
at 4:42pm by Koookiecrumbles

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New Green Houses. Just Add Water

Fab Tree Hab Exterior

A crew of architects/designers[/ninjas]AAfrom MIT have developed what they are calling ‘Fab Tree Hab’, a house that would grow from seed to sappling to green ninja abode [and in only 25 years!]. The design is intended to replace Habitat for Humanity, where houses for those in need could be grown on a regular basis, creating completely green/sustainable communities.

example of the growth of the structure

Here is some info on the house:
1. Composed of 100% living nutrients
2. Makes effective contributions to the ecosystem
3. Accountable removal of human impacts
4. Circulate water & metabolic flows symbiotically
5. Achieves fitness with our earthen web of life

section through house

While I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for one of these bad boys, much respect for the design team for coming up with a truly green housing solution. Humans are a part of nature; its only right that our architecture should be too.
Team Member, from MIT:
Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.
Lara Greden, Ph.D.
Javier Arbana, SMArchS.

More info at archinode, inhabitat and vision.

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Posted: October 13th, 2006
at 2:24pm by orangemenace

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Pimp My Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle

pimp my ride russia

pimp my ride russia 2

fully crimped vehicle gallery via englishrussia

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Posted: October 13th, 2006
at 12:57pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Lowbrow Pop

20th Century Fox Television Licensing & Merchandising Presents…

What The Deuce Are You Staring At!?! A Collection of Interpretive Work Inspired by Family Guy, the first Pop Surrealist exhibition of new works inspired by a television series. The exhibition will feature new pieces from twenty-one emerging artists.
The Museum of Television & Radio

465 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

info at planet-familyguy

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Posted: October 13th, 2006
at 9:13am by Koookiecrumbles

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Black Box Touchscreen Phone

Like sexy phones? I know I do. This concept cell, the Black Box by BenQ, has an entirely touchscreen face. The ‘dynamically changing’ touchscreen varies its display based on the application running, giving you a keypad for dialing, large screen for video, even a viewfinder for the digital camera [sick], etc. Basically, imagine all the great features of a PDA/cell in this smooth little black case. Unfortunately it is only a concept tho, so don’t start saving just yet [or maybe you should, I’m sure they’d be pricey].

Link via MobileMag

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Posted: October 11th, 2006
at 9:08am by orangemenace

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Monumental Projections

8 Minutes of next level video projections smack dab on theAAface of the above monument.

Video from youtube

This gives any true ninja big ideas.

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Posted: October 3rd, 2006
at 2:17pm by Koookiecrumbles

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