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Hugo Arias

every twelve seconds, someone remembers,A2010
acrylique et encre sur mylar et papier / acrylic and ink on mylar and paper
91.5 x 167.5 cm>


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Posted: July 22nd, 2010
at 9:45am by Koookiecrumbles

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the Industry : Kim Ji-hwan

This week for the Industry, we talk with ZERO PER ZERO, a design duo of two graphic designers (Jin Sol and AKim Ji-Hwan) in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Specializing mainly in the field of graphic, information design as well as in illustration. Currently they are focused on their City Railway System series. Enjoy the interview!

What is your interest with line map design?

Current railway map system has been developed on the basis of system made by Herrybeck of England. Our design also does not stray a lot from his influence. It’s just that we are finding it really interesting to take the official railway map that is a little bit stern and make it more interesting and charming. We consider the railway map not just as a guide to using the railway but as a cultural merchandise of the city.

You have interpreted the railway systems of New York City, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Barcelona and Hokkaido- what has been the most challenging city to design?

Tokyo was the most challenging one. Japanese railway system is more unique and complicated that that of any other place in the world. It was very difficult to effectively organize more than 1500 stations and over 100 lines. It went through several editions before we settled on the current design.

What makes your interpretations of subway maps unique?

City Railway System is a new approach of projecting the identity of a city onto its subway map. Whereas standard subway maps are aimed at conveying information as clearly and concisely as possible, City Railway System by Zeroperzero is distinguished by grafting symbolic elements of each city on to the map while preserving clarity. Targeting specifically tourists, we also marked major landmarks and attractions on the subway map, making it convenient for the tourists to figure out the fastest way to get to the destination just by taking a glance. The railway map itself is also good for souvenir.

You have chosen to graft symbolic elements of different cities onto the map- how do you choose what is iconic?

The symbolic element cannot be something notably commercial and it has to be something everybody agrees on. Also, it needs to have a simple and clear image so that it transforms into an icon easily. For these reasons, we are often inspired by the national flags when designing for the nationa capitals. The idea comes to us more easily if we have lived in the city or have travelled through the city and got to know the characteristics of the railway system.

How do you package the maps?AWhat type of experience do you want to give to the reader?

Our maps is good for practical use and for interior decor. For Mini Maps, we minimize the packaging so that it can be carried in a wallet or scheduler easily. City Maps come with separate cover so that it is a bit fancier and it is also great to hang on a wall. Additionally, we apply our design to everyday commodities such as mouse pads, folders, notebooks, etc. to answer diverse needs of diverse buyers.

What awards and recognitions have you recieved for your work? What has been the most important?

We won various international awards with our City Railway System: iF Communication Gold, ADC-Silver, IDEA-Silver, etc. Among these, we are most attached to the iF Award because it was the first big award that we were recognized with. We definitely worked with more confidence after winning it.

Are you open to collaboration?

We have done collaborations with companies such as 10 Corso Como or SK Telecom of Korea. We always welcome collaborations.

What challenges do you face on a day to day basis working in graphic design?

We would like to make more profits off of our own contents rather than client jobs, however, in reality, client jobs are more profitable currently. If it continues like this we won’t have much to our name at the end, so we are always thinking about ways to make profits using our own contents.

How do you see zeroperzero’s place in design world in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, City Railway System series should be near completion. We expect there to be more variety of work forms, collaborations and commissions going off of the cities we would have worked on. Also, we will be coming up with and working on new contents other than the map series.

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Posted: July 22nd, 2010
at 9:30am by Koookiecrumbles

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Ninjas on the Net : Cardiff

Welcome back to another edition of the Ninjas on the Net, after being in Adelaide and Tokyo, on to Cardiff, Wales.

-The Wales Millennium Centre opened in 2004 is considered to be one of the World`s iconic arts and cultural destinations. The vision of the Centre is to be an internationally significant cultural landmark and centre for the performing arts, renowned for inspiration, excellence and leadership

-17M of scholarships for international students in Wales has been awarded, click here to see partnering universities, also see what Cardiff University’s has in place for international students

-Check out this report from the Financial Times on doing business in Cardiff and Wales

-The population of Cardiff will increase by more than 40% between 2008 and 2033 if current trends continue, according to new projections made by the Assembly Government

-Babylon Wales : Notes from the margins of Welsh popular culture has some interesting thoughts

-Welsh fashion designer and recent graduate, Joanne Terrar talks about her collection

-Facing onto Mill Lane, which is the restaurant quarter of central Cardiff, opposite the Marriott Hotel and a short walk from the main train station, is a new Italian caffe, restaurant, alimentari foodshop and deli- Carluccios’

-For the pub goers and brewers and a user’s guide to drinking in Cardiff

-Stay up to date with everything else that is going on at What’s Going on in Cardiff and Wales Online

-Looking for a race? Look no further then the Cardiff Forumula Student Racing Team (FS), a cooperative with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

-Looking for web talent? Cardiff Web Scene is a place for web developers, interactive designers and web enthusiasts who live and work in and around Cardiff

-Whether you are looking for a high wire adventure, Cardiff Skateboard Club, surf or bike shop, Cardiff has your sport. For those looking to ride a motorcycle head on over to 1st Class Rider

-Protect your garden from being developed with a little help with Garden Grabbing in Cardiff!

-Cardiff Bay Rediscovered Torchwood Tourism - Cardiff Bay’s redevelopment makes it the flagship of the Welsh capital

-Guardian’s beat blogger for Cardiff talks about breaking the boundaries between blogger and journalist in this video

-Where to go next? Judging by this post which touches on which is better Cardiff or the Cayman Islands, since we are in Cardiff, its off to the Caymans next…

*Directly below you will find a mix from the Cardiff Arts Institute

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Posted: July 22nd, 2010
at 7:42am by Koookiecrumbles

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3D on the iPad?

This is kinda crazy… Check out the article here and peep the video below.

N-3D DEMO from aircord on Vimeo.

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Posted: July 21st, 2010
at 9:40am by Black Ock

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YouTube Preview Image












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Posted: July 20th, 2010
at 8:02am by mnp

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Rob Carter : Metropolis and This England

"Metropolis" is a quirky and very abridged narrative history of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It uses stop motion video animation to physically manipulate aerial still images of the city (both real and fictional), creating a landscape in constant motion. Starting around 1755 on a Native American trading path, the viewer is presented with the building of the first house in Charlotte. From there we see the town develop through the historic dismissal of the English, to the prosperity made by the discovery of gold and the subsequent roots of the building of the multitude of churches that the city is famous for. Now the landscape turns white with cotton, and the modern city is 'born', with a more detailed re-creation of the economic boom and surprising architectural transformation that has occurred in the past 20 years

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, primarily due to the continuing influx of the banking community, resulting in an unusually fast architectural and population expansion that shows no sign of faltering despite the current economic climate. However, this new downtown Metropolis is therefore subject to the whim of the market and the interest of the giant corporations that choose to do business there. Made entirely from images printed on paper, the animation literally represents this sped up urban planners dream, but suggests the frailty of that dream, however concrete it may feel on the ground today. Ultimately the video continues the city development into an imagined hubristic future, of more and more skyscrapers and sports arenas and into a bleak environmental future. It is an extreme representation of the already serious water shortages that face many expanding American cities today; but this is less a warning, as much as a statement of our paper thin significance no matter how many monuments of steel, glass and concrete we build.

"This England?"
The basis for this video is a book called From the Pilot's Seat. It contains a nostalgic series of aerial photographs of England taken just after the end of World War II, along with poetic quotes chosen by the author (Cyril Murrell). The images give us the odd glimpse of the destruction and bankruptcy of the country at this time, but mainly focus on the romance of its historic and natural riches. This video attempts to literally bring a forgotten book back to life, taking the viewer on a continuous flight over the land and supplying a sense of the author's feeling towards these places. With the use of stop-motion and digital animation some of the locations have been manipulated to include the artist's comprehension and memory of his 'homeland'. These moments range from the trivial to the sinister and suggest a sense of frailty in these picturesque scenes. It is an attempt for the artist to rationalize and depict his understanding of the place he comes from, as well as the enculturation of his parents.>

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Posted: July 19th, 2010
at 7:44pm by Koookiecrumbles

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What’s New? : Brownbook

Brownbook aims to explore, reveal and introduce the Middle East as an emerging hub for expression, ideas and good looking products. Taking directives fromA designers, urban planners, architects, songsmiths and scientists, the magazine offers a vitalised vision of MENA (Middle East/North Africa) and a platform to connect our readers with these people.>

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Posted: July 19th, 2010
at 7:32pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Chronicles Of Never 'Into The Voided'

While a beard and long hair is seemingly all it takes this season to make it as a model, there's some brands who want a little more from their models. Apparently, Chronicles of Never wanted a little too much as they ending up cutting out the middleman altogether - as you can see from the above pictures. They describe this collection as a 'departure from the dark', something that's has clouded over (pun intended) Chronicles since its inception.>

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Posted: July 19th, 2010
at 7:20pm by Koookiecrumbles

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The Geotaggers' World Atlas

Pulling the location of thousands of Geotagged images from Flickr, Eric Fischer has assembled some beautiful images representing the most photographed spaces of our planets largest cities. The images peak and rise where you'd expect; all those tourist locations feature heavily. It's an interesting 'map' of tourist movement and interest and should feed anyone interested in tracking the nest location for that next restaurant.>

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Posted: July 19th, 2010
at 7:11pm by Koookiecrumbles

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