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These are the Voyages of the Starship ninja-prise…

…on our continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations.AA To boldly go where hardly no ninjas done gone before. Oh hi…

Hubble Telescope wallpapers!


HubblesiteAA via RedFerret


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Posted: September 25th, 2006
at 9:59am by black octagons

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Ninja on the radio

AAdarinsatter.gifAA nominated for one Ninjie in broadcasting

An aspiring DJ in Hollywood, FL has been arrested for illegally broadcasting Hip-Hop music over the airwaves of a local Country music station.

Darin Satter, 34, allegedly set up a pirateAAninja radio station, which interfered with 99.9 WKIS-FM’s signal. For several weeks, fans of the station - which is known as Kiss Country - heard Hip-Hop music playing instead of the usual country format.

When fans of the station started complaining about the music selection, WKIS engineers tracked the pirate ninja signal to a local trailer park.

Broward Sheriff Office detectives arrived and found a 30-foot-tall broadcasting antenna outside of Satter’s trailer.

Satter was arrested and charged with unauthorized transmission/interference with a licensed public radio station. He is facing up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

"I figured he had a 2way radio, you know a hand radio," Satter’s neighbor said of the 30-foot-antenna.

"and I said, ‘well, gosh darnit!" … okay I made that part up.AA But this is just an indication that we got strongholds everywhere… even in the trailer parks, baby!

This article woulda been lots better sans all that pirate talk.
Can you imagine all these floridian country fans?AA They call in trying to hear some George Strait and the DJ is like, ok, here ya go:

"It’s okaaaay, it’s allllriiight! **** alll dayyyyy, **** all niiight"

"Well gosh darn honey, turn off that jungle racket!"

Originally from allhiphop

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Posted: September 25th, 2006
at 9:37am by black octagons

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You’re still Checking this page? Pffft

Well good for you, captain!AA Thanks for visiting MNP once again!AA We have news for you:

We’re baaaack.

Be sure to check back often for updates.
Also I would like to announce that our resident comedian the X-man will be helping us out with the first annual Ninja Awards (or The Ninjies) coming soon.

Yeah we’re pretty angry about missing that whole Crocodile Hunter bandwagon too… stop emailing us about it!AA Yes.

Yes.AA We’re back; you ninjas better be happy that we’re once again here to whoop your funky asses.


Don’t think for a second that any dead horse will stay completely un-beaten.

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Posted: September 22nd, 2006
at 11:44am by black octagons

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Down For Maintenence

Thanks to all those who have contributed to myninjaplease.AA It’s hard to believe that this has been two months, the response has been overwhelming.

Currently we are taking the site offline for maintenence.AA Our pagoda needs to be fortified to withstand even the most thorough attacks from spammers and other warlords alike.AA During this (hopefully) brief downtime, please feel free to browse the archives.


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Posted: September 12th, 2006
at 2:15pm by black octagons

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Now that cat is gangsta!

Dentist David Steele gave his cat, Sebastian, gold fronts to help strengthen his abnormally-developed front bottom canines. How is this cat jiggier than me?

via textually

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Posted: September 8th, 2006
at 4:24pm by Black Ock

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Art in the Streets!

DC-based artist Mark Jenkins places his interesting and amusing installations in various locations around American cities. These pieces are generally very temporary, but luckily for us, he documents them on the web, in both photos and video.

see them all

via textually

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Posted: September 8th, 2006
at 4:01pm by Black Ock

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PingMag has a great feature, including an in-depth interview, on Heath Nash, a South African designer who creates his artwork out of recycled materials such as discarded plastic bottles. His work is innovative, sophisticated and gorgeous.

Check out the feature at PingMag

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Posted: September 8th, 2006
at 3:45pm by Black Ock

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Vibrate Your Hysteria Away!

Did you know that vibrators were initially used as medical devices?

From the Website:

"Hysteria is a term that was first coined by Hippocrates and described a medical condition peculiar to women; he considered it to be a symptom of irregular blood-movement from the uterus to the brain. The idea lasted through most of history, and in 1653 appears the first text that shows that the doctors of the era were using clitoral stimulation as a remedy for the nebulous ailment. Because of the limited technology of the time, this therapy had to be conducted by hand a€¦ er, uh a€¦ manually a€¦ A-HEM! a€¦ you get the point a€¦ anyway, this could be quite tiring for the doctors and midwives. The goal of treatment was for the patient to reach a€oeparoxysma€A which could take up to an hour to attain, but once reached would/should/could relieve hysterical symptoms for a while."

Full Story at Damn Interesting

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Posted: September 8th, 2006
at 3:32pm by Black Ock

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Pop Life Art

Sounds like some new hit record. It’s not though, it’s a blog which features celebrities who create their own art. That’s right. Here, you can see art from the Beatles, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and other celebrity artists.

The above painting is by none other than Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Pop Life Art

via Neatorama

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Posted: September 8th, 2006
at 3:26pm by Black Ock

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