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You think your system is LOUD? Try the Bladder Buster!

Ight, picture this:

You have all of your friends and family assembled in your newly-completed home theater room watching the ill new action flick you just (ahem) bought and all of a sudden, your entire house is shaking at the foundation like it’s a 7 on the richter scale. As the scene winds to an end and you fight to choke back the tears involuntarily streaming from your suddenly reddened eyes, you realize those water-proof seat covers the speaker salesman was pushing on you might have been a wise investment…

This is what New Zealand speaker manufacturer Arvus has to say about the Bladder Busters (Yes, that’s the real name):

"This 2 Metre tall generator of bass will force all fluids to vacate your body when used at levels that will put the foundations of your house under stress!"

Now, just so you understand what you’re dealing with, those little off-white drivers that look like tweeters, yeah…those are 12″ subwoofers. Right. Six of ’em. And the big black monster in the middle is a 27″ "non-linear compensator." Certainly ninja-worthy, aiiiiight!

(edit: I just noticed there’s a bottle of wine next to the speaker. They are clearly telling us that you must be drunk to appreciate, and survive, the full effect of this sub.)

I’m gonna hold out ’til they got a version for the whip…

via SonicFlare


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Posted: July 18th, 2006
at 6:07pm by Black Ock

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Yo Son, Run That Soundwalk

Besides the fact that you could get jacked for this if you walk through our Dojo at night, the Soundwalk speaker harness looks like exactly the gear for any true urban-sherpa type. You can click the link if you want all the technical details and whatnot, but basically this piece has speakers in it so you can bump your tunes from your favorite DAP. I guess ideally you would rock this underneath your gi. I hope it got a mute button for stealth mode.

The Soundwalk Speaker Harness
Or read the source article at Red Ferret

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 11:23pm by black octagons

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Radio Rahim Status: Holla… iRahim

He had the Love-Hate finger bracelets, and you can too, with the added benefit of listening to a different playlist in each ear. What are we talking about? doggy! When we saw this not only were we rollin’ (while flipping, and mos’ definitely lightin’ that ass up with throwing stars) but we also realized that we were just waiting for the Do The Right Thing mod on hack-a-day.

Then PYP is the placefor all your customization needs. If its not on PYP then it cana€™t be done, ya hear me?!! My name is Romeo Brown and Ia€™m from tha Pimpina€™ Capital of England, Romford! Bo to tha Romford krews. Ia€™ve been pimpin pods for five years and Ia€™ve become a conisseure of the kraft, travelling all over the world to meet with other dedicated a€Podificatorsa€™! Thasright Ia€™m the bigdog of pimpina€™.


via: Red Ferret Journal

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 9:06pm by black octagons

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Dope Chair Made From a Single Plank of Wood

Ight, so I know I already peeped the crazy expensive coathangers from sixixis, but this chair is too ill to ignore.

"The Lounge Daddya€™s dynamic, curved form is made out of one three and half metre plank of Cornish Ash and supported by Cornish Oak slats. It is a true reflection of what can be achieved using our new innovative steam bending techniques."

Check it out at sixixis
via cribcandy

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 5:42pm by Black Ock

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Got $450 burning a hole in your pocket and nowhere to hang your coat?

Then cop a set of these cityscape hangers from sixixis:

"The coat hangers are illustrated with the five major fashion/design captials of the world. They are Laser-cut, then hand finished and varnished. Made from hard wearing multi-laminated Birch ply."

via thecoolhunter
buy the set or see the other hangers at sixixis

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 11:56am by Black Ock

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