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Will robots conquer the art world?


I was generally of the impression that robots are implemented in situations where humans are inadequately equipped to handle certain tasks. Art did not seem to be one of these tasks - until now.

And don’t go talking about player pianos, because while they arguably may count, the technology used there is pretty damn simple.

We’re talking about self-playing violins - now that’s some crazy ish.


"Costing $17,500, and having taken the engineering prowess of a retired president of a military technology company, along with a former NASA administrator to design, the device simply eliminates the job of ‘violinist.'"

And yes, believe it, there’s a video.

Article at OhGizmoAA


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Posted: August 23rd, 2006
at 11:48am by Black Ock

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Last Stand For Music

A great live performance from the Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Army Choir who sing Sweet Home Alabama. A destined classico.

The video from VideoSift

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Posted: August 4th, 2006
at 2:00pm by Koookiecrumbles

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They knew how to get down in 1932!

The ad below is from an actual 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix.

how ninjas get down

There’s no excuse for a headache when you’re held captive as a sex slave!


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Posted: August 4th, 2006
at 5:31am by Black Ock

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The Amazing Machine

‘Le Grand RA©pertoire’ (The Big Repository) shows how good that Nutella really is- the French made a machine just to spread it on bread for the masses. See the video of this and other fantastic machines here.


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Posted: August 3rd, 2006
at 1:30pm by Koookiecrumbles

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Throwback Robot of the Week: ROB

eegads you old

If you remember this bad boy… you’re a real oldschool ninja.

The R.O.B. functions by receiving commands via optical flashes from a television screen. With the head pointed always at the screen, the arms move left, right, up, and down, and the hands pinch together and separate to manipulate objects on fixtures attached to the base.

Gamers without experience might wonder how R.O.B. relays data back to the NES, and in fact there is no direct way to do so. In Gyromite, one of R.O.B.’s base attachments holds and pushes buttons on an ordinary controller. In Stack-Up the player is supposed to press a button on his or her own controller to indicate when R.O.B. completes a task. While the Robot Series games were among the most complex of its time, they were reliant upon the honor system

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Posted: July 25th, 2006
at 2:57pm by black octagons

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"Robotic Overlords" Now… Gross


"IT BEHAVES like a cockroach. It smells like a cockroach. It is accepted by other cockroaches.

But it is not a cockroach. It is a robot and scientists say that its invention is a breakthrough in mankinda€™s struggle to control the animal kingdom."

Damn… I know a few ninjas who behave like cockroaches too, but they ain’t robots.

link timesonline
via the register
Picture Link

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Posted: July 22nd, 2006
at 4:13pm by Bunnz

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Ninjas do, in fact, sleep…

So when you’re getting your precious ninja rest on, it’s understandable that you would need someone (or something) to guard the

That’s where my main ninja Room Defender comes in. Trained in a variety of martial arts, dance techniques and broadway show tunes, Room Defender is a snazzy little killing machine with soul.

In the $45 dollar version though, the features are fairly limited.AA You forfeit the heatseeking missiles and the full anti-aircraft arsenal for something far more important: a compact carry-on size.AA The Room Defender, armed with a motion sensor and projectile foam discs, will attack any intruder into your space.
"Just place this little guy toward the door, watch & wait.AA Once someone comes within a few feet, the room defendera€™s motion sensors react with a salvo of 16 foam disks hurled at the intruder."

via bLavish

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Posted: July 19th, 2006
at 2:47am by Black Ock

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