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Mr. T, My How You’ve Changed!

Mr. T has announced that he will be getting rid of his 200-pound gold chizains after witnessing the terrible events of Hurricane Katrina.

From Yahoo:

"As a spiritual man, I felt it would be a sin against my God for me to wear all that gold again because I spent a lot of time with the less fortunate…Yes, I am qualified to beat people up. But I am pretty intelligent. That’s what throws people off. If you’ve been through something, that gives you an authority that you can speak on certain things. That’s why people relate to me. I pull no punches."



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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:46am by Black Ock

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So we all know junk food is bad, but CRACK in the pringles?

Yes, my ninja, it’s true. The Austin, TX police apparently confiscated "17 cookies of crack cocaine" after arresting a man for giving them a fake name. So yeah, when you’re on the way to your next crack party and you get pulled over, give them your real name!

via boingboing
The Blotter article here
and the photo link

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Posted: July 14th, 2006
at 10:05am by Black Ock

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