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Sharted Upon…

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John McCain called me last night about the Patriots… to reassure me that the fundamentals of our team are strong.AA Refer to above video for all other inquiries.


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Posted: October 13th, 2008
at 9:59am by Black Ock

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Howie Rich : Taking the Public Trust


Howie Rich is a New York lobbyist who is spending millions "to limit the use of eminent domain and require compensation to property owners for restrictions." By compensating multi-hundred acre land owners for the loss of value due to environmental law and new zoning regulations, under Rich’s proposed plan, the government would be ready to lose billions of dollars to developers. Why is land use regulation necessary?
Nancy Stricklin sums up the case for land use regulation:

It is important to remember that land use regulations are adopted for the purpose of
enhancing the quality of life for all citizens and fostering a peaceful co-existence between
neighbors.. Land use regulations balance the interests of all property owners. Without land use regulations, the balance is lost. Requiring the a€governmenta€™ to pay to provide that balance loses sight of who will really pay those claims and attorney fees. It will be the taxpayers.

.::PDF a€">

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Posted: September 30th, 2008
at 5:55am by Koookiecrumbles

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My Ninja, Please! 9/26/08: Country First!

So, John McCain, previously identified as Skeletor (vs. Obama’s ruddy zombie Rob Kennedy), has once again tried to pull a fast one and delay the presidential debate and suspend the campaign.AA His reason?AA Supposedly, this is too much of a hectic time to have a debate… but I saw a talking head on CNN who made a great point: we had a presidential election in 1864 when Sherman was marching on Atlanta.AA What kind of nonsense is McCain trying to pull?

This is all because of Palin, I bet, not being ready, and being on the verge of getting laughed out of the room when she goes up against Biden.AA This has already been such a strange campaign, nut now this?AA Dude may be going senile early.

Since when is McCain, anyway, qualified in any way to help solve the financial crisis?AA Saying that he has to rush back to Washington is actually worse than a "My Ninja, Please" - it’s a big LIE.AA This is also coming from a guy who once said "the issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should. I’ve got Greenspan’s book" amongst other memorable quotes.

This is also coming from a guy who has missed 412 votes in this current congress.AA Yes, since the last congressional election.AA That’s more than 100 votes more than Obama and TWICE what anybody else who ran for president (including Hillary) missed.

I guess, what can you expect from the most ignorant campaign in history: tax cuts for the rich, drill, baby drill… etc.AA My ninjas… please?

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Posted: September 26th, 2008
at 11:22am by Black Ock

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You’re Still an A$$hole


I’ve been noticing more and more ads recently for the new Cadillac Escalde Hybrid [feels dirty to say/type it], and I just wanted to take a quick second here to shout out all you Escalade buyers out there: You still suck. Buying an Escalade because it has Hybrid decals on it makes you about as cool as VD.

But wait, you heard it’s 50% more fuel efficient [city driving]? True! That gets you a whopping 20 mpg! Now we won’t have to drill offshore and in wildlife refuges! Yay! You’re really doing your part.

So to you Escalade drivers, I say this:

[Soccer Moms] - You’re not protecting your children by buying huge SUVs, you’re simply endangering the rest of us. Please, cut the crap.

[Hood Ninjas] - Real gangsters are all about that paper paper peoples - save some money on gas by buying a Prius. Plus, there’s this:

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Posted: September 24th, 2008
at 7:21am by orangemenace

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Michael hates Hobbitses

This is a photoshop mockup, apparently courtesy of Daily Mall, of what Michael Jackson could look like if he hadn’t totally mutilated his face.AA I feel bad for him though.AA He’s like… a bad episode of Dr. Phil (er… not that I watch Dr. Phil).AA I kid you not, the man is obviously scarred for life (bad pun intended).AA I wonder what exactly happened to him… but then again… he was a child star.AA Annnnd Stephanie Tanner ended up on heroine so…
Oddly, in that same post from Buzzfeed I came across an awesome "the Evolution of Michael Jackson" post.AA You SURRIOUSLY need to check that out.

Highlight reel:

Thanks to B for the link.

.::Evolution of Mike via -> Mike sans surgery

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Posted: September 17th, 2008
at 8:57am by Black Ock

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Drill, Idiot, Drill


Imagine for a minute that attending the Republican convention in St. Paul, sitting in a skybox overlooking the convention floor, were observers from Russia, Iran and Venezuela. And imagine for a minute what these observers would have been doing when Rudy Giuliani led the delegates in a chant of a€oedrill, baby, drill!a€A

Ia€™ll tell you what they would have been doing: the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan observers would have been up out of their seats, exchanging high-fives and joining in the chant louder than anyone in the hall a€" a€oeYes! Yes! Drill, America, drill!a€A a€" because an America that is focused first and foremost on drilling for oil is an America more focused on feeding its oil habit than kicking it.

Why would Republicans, the party of business, want to focus our country on breathing life into a 19th-century technology a€" fossil fuels a€" rather than giving birth to a 21st-century technology a€" renewable energy? As I have argued before, it reminds me of someone who, on the eve of the I.T. revolution a€" on the eve of PCs and the Internet a€" is pounding the table for America to make more I.B.M. typewriters and carbon paper. a€oeTypewriters, baby, typewriters.a€A

.:T. Friedman’s op-ed Making America Stupid -> via the NY Times

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Posted: September 17th, 2008
at 7:50am by orangemenace

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Dubya Speak


This took us a while to get in this problem. There is no short-term solution. I think it was in the Rose Garden where I issued this brilliant statement: If I had a magic wand. But the President doesn’t have a magic wand. You just can’t say, low gas.

read all of the quotes that made our commander so famous : he speaks, they record the damage

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Posted: September 8th, 2008
at 5:50am by Koookiecrumbles

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Bleh! Oh… sorry, excuse me I… YAK!

These guys would make a good counterpoint the Republican Skeletor/Momba-the-Witch ticket.

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Which of these fools do YOU hate more?

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Posted: September 7th, 2008
at 11:34am by Black Ock

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"Ninja Warriors" Arrested In N.J.


Clifton police say they arrested two men dressed liked ninjas and armed with Asian martial arts weapons who said they were sending a warning to drug users.

Calling themselves "Shinobi warriors," the men wore black SWAT-type vests and carried knives, throwing stars, swords, nunchucks and a bow and arrows.

Twenty-year-old Tadeusz Tertkiewicz and 19-year-old Jesse Trojaniak are charged with weapons possession. Tertkiewicz is also charged with harassment for a letter left for an ex-girlfriend.

After being arrested early Wednesday in a car on Route 46, the men said they were delivering warning letters to drug dealers and drug users urging them to stop their "impure" activities.

Their weapons, Detective Capt. Robert Rowan told The Bergen County Record, were to be a precaution in case they were confronted by the drug dealers.
The officers who arrested the men found the letters in five envelopes decorated with red Chinese designs, The Record reports.

Reports show the two men had already delivered one such letter to Tertkiewicza€™ 16-year-old ex-girlfriend in Clifton. Police contacted the teen and her mother and alerted them to the situation.

The letters warned drug users and drug dealers that the a€oeShinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified yet, merciful force.a€A

In the letter, the two men accused drug dealers and users of having a€oecommitted sin of passing impuritya€A to others and that the a€oewind guides us to those of impure heart and intent.a€A

a€oeTheir intentions may have been good, but we tell everyone that they shouldna€™t take the law into their own hands because it will cause more problems for everyone in the longrun,a€A Rowan said.

Trojaniak’s father tells The Associated Press his son is "not a maniac" and was only trying to help a friend.

.::Originally from a€">

I, too, would have found them to be pretty ninjarish, what with their bent toward vigilante justice, if not for one glaring inconsistency:AA Ninjas don’t get arrested, my dude.

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