Bush Endorses McCain


On the GOP side of things: Mike Huckabee has finally dropped out of the race. In a lengthy, unnecessary speech Huck bowed out after Sen. John McCain clinched the nomination by passing the threshold for delegates needed to clinch the ticket.

President Bush has invited McCain to the White House for a private lunch today and will publicly endorse him as the Republican presidential nominee. Ninjas will remember that these two men have a long history of beefing. It seems that McCain has been willing to adopt a Bush platform since becoming the frontrunner for the GOP, too.

Huck’s speech:



Hope Gets Harder


Well, my ninjas, it’s a sad day for Obama supporters. Yesterday Sen. Hillary Clinton won three out the four contests and is likely to gain 10 delegates on Obama’s lead as a result. This still leaves her way behind in the count (around 140 back).

Many people are concerned that her success yesterday will flat-line Obama’s momentum (which attributed to his string of 12 consecutive primary and causcus victories throughout February). After considering the results of Clinton’s victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island it seems to me that this ain’t no big thang. The fact that Obama did as well as he did in Texas is tribute to his outstanding campainging. That should have been 100% Hillary Country and he took a huge chunk of it. In the rural areas Hillary dominated, but in all the metropolitan areas Obama trounced her. Then there was Ohio. Now, I’ve never been there, there’s never been too much of a need for ninjas in Ohio, but from what I understand Ohio is not living in the 21st century. Racism is live and well in the south easetern part of the state, close to West Virginia, clearly not ready for Obama. But they would be for him over McCain, seeing as how voting GOP in 2004 has left a sour taste in their mouths (the mortgage crisis is very real in Ohio right now, and the economy was the most important issue there).

It’s also clear that Hillary’s bash techniques of the last two weeks have done wonders for her campaing. She told us in the most recent debate, “I am a fighter” and fighter she is. She has come at Obama on anything and everything that could possibly affect people’s opinion of the Illionois Senator and it has proven to work. NAFTA, Farrakhan, Rezwhatever, it’s all been effective. We should continue to expect to see more negative campainging from the Clintons, but also, don’t be surprised if Obama fights back in the coming weeks. You’d better believe there are some questionable behaviors in Hillary’s past, and the skeletons will be coming out of the closet (Bills’s over-seas business, tax forms, etc.). If Obama can win the coming contests I think more and more superdelagates will start showing their heads and show their support for Obama. The math is still way in his favor and his chances of gaining the nomination, despite recent events, are still great.

Is This It?


Tomorrow’s the day, my ninjas. Sen. Hillary Clinton must win Ohio and Texas to have a chance at wooing enough super-delegates to make her the presidential nominee. Even if she wins both primaries, due to the Democrtic primary rules, the delgates will be proportionally split between she and Obama, leaving her trailing in pledged delegates. She has to win BIG. Considering Hillary’s bash techniques and quibbling, and Obama’s raw momentum I find it hard to imagine a Clinton surge tomorrow. That being said, the polls in these two States, for some ill-informed voterific reason, are really really close. Remeber, Obama has won 11 straight primaries and caucuses, leaving Hillary without a victory for the entire month of February. Also, ninjas should strongly consider the fact Sen. Barack Obama has a much better chance of beating Se. John McCain than Sen. Clinton does. Clintons just seem to have a bad habit of leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths (yes, that was an inuendo). All you ninjas out there who are voting tomorrow should browse through our archives and see just why we here at the dojo are so pro O. The other States holding contests tomorrow are: Wyoming, Vermont, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.

Russia “Elects” Medvedev


Russia has a new president in Dmitry Medvedev. Apparently, he will be acting as a Putin surrogate. Said to be a diciple of Putin, Medvedev recieved 70.2% of the vote. These results are widely regarded as phoney. The international community, however, has commented very little on the election, and many observers boycotted covering the election. I have to brush up on my Russian political knowledge to further my ninja education, but it seems to me like this election was far from free and clear. Protestors were promptly arrested after the results were announced. Putin has said he will remain very involved in governmental affairs, and Medvedev says protecting Russian security and interests will be of utmost concern. Medvedev headed the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom.

New Hillary Ads



U.S. Hits the Horn


The A.P. is reporting that the US launched an airstrike today on a town in Somalia believed to be controlled by “islamic extremists.” The town, Dobley, is very close to the Kenyan border. Three missles were launched in an attempt to kill an al-Qaeda official “and his associates.” Somalia has not had a real national government since 1991, the closest things is the Transitional Federal Government, which is largely disregarded by Somalis.


Ahmadinejad Visits Iraq


The Iranian President arrived in Baghdad yesterday. His visit is quite historic as it is the first time since the fall of the Shah in Iran (1979) that a state leader has visited Iraq. The two countries were at war from 1980 to 1988 after Saddam tried to take advantage of the revolutionary confusion in Iran. Over the course of his visit (which started yesterday and ends today) he has called for “foreign troops” to leave the region and has claimed that the presence of the US has inspired terrorists in numbers not seen before. He believes that the Gulf’s problems should be handled internally, without western influence. The only other head of state to visit Iraq since the 2003 US invasion is Bush.

President Ahmadinejad also signed treaties with Presiden Talabani to boost trade and transportation options between the two nations. Many Iranians visit the Shia shrines in pilgramage.