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Nader Enters the Race


[Image: Cartoon by Gary Markstein, via Hereinstead]

Not to be left out of this presidential election, Ralph Nader has announced that he will be entering the 2008 contest for the oval office.

Viewed by many as a spoiler in the 2000+2004 elections, Nader thinks of himself as a serious candidate who will push issues that the Republicans tend to marginalize, and on which the Democrats are ‘too cautious’ to take a serious stance.

“I’d go after Bush even more vigorously as we are in the next few months in ways that the Democrats can’t possibly do because they’re too cautious and too unimaginative, but they can pick up the vulnerabilities and the failures of the Bush administration that we point out,” Nader said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Nader rejects the spoiler label as a “contemptuous” term used by those who want to deny voters a choice. Declaring Washington a “corporate-occupied territory,” he accuses both Democrats and Republicans of being dominated by corporate lobbyists who care little about the needs of ordinary Americans [via MSNBC].

‘Contemptuous’ or not, in a tight political race such as the 2000 elections [when Bush lost to Al Gore], Nader was the deciding factor in a number of states – where Bush beat Gore by a narrow margin that would’ve been covered by those votes for Ralph. While Nader believes this election should be a ‘landslide’ for the democrats, I think we can all agree that after the 2000 elections we know that anything is possible.

Here’s a video, released after the NH primaries, in which Nader voices his opinions on the [then] remaining 2008 hopefuls:


Regardless of whether you believe Nader is right about Washington, and the problems with our two-party electoral system [and I mean, let's be real - of course he's right], the fact remains that this is a two-party country that barely bothers to learn about politricks – and instead simply choses a side. Those of us willing to consider candidates based on merit and actual policies/views instead of party lines are both in the minority, and [seemingly] a little too far left to vote republican [most of the time]. This effectively splits a democratic party, at some point – that the majority of republicans already believe is too ‘liberal’ – by providing an entirely valid candidate who responds to the needs/desires of many ‘liberals’ who would, by default, vote democrat. It’s a shitty reality, but the reality nonetheless – sorry Ralphie.

The Republicans, of course, will be backing Nader’s candidacy:

“I think it always would probably pull votes away from the Democrats and not the Republicans, so naturally, Republicans would welcome his entry into the race,” Huckabee said Sunday on CNN [via].

Check out CNN‘s and MSNBC‘s coverage for more.

Obama’s Weekend Sweep


Well, my ninjas, what a weekend. Barak Obama won all three contests on Saturday: Nevada, Washington and Louisiana. Then, on Sunday he won Maine too which was supposed to be Hillary Country. Now this sweep is by and large a result of the huge momentum Barak has accumulated as of late and Hillary’s camp is not pleased. Obama has drastically closed the gap between he and Clinton. They have reacted by switching campaign managers and claiming that Barak has been able to spend much more money than they have (his donations far surpass hers in 2008).


On the GOP side of things it was quite an interesting weekend. Mike Huckabee is proving to be quite a thorn in the side of John McCain as Huck won two of the three races: Kansas and Louisiana. The third GOP contest this weekend has created some controversy, as the chair of the Reps. in Washington State decided to call the race in favor of John McCain after only 87% percent of the votes had been counted with a discrepancy of less than 2% between the candidates. Huckabee has responded by sending a legal team to investigate the situation. All this adds up to Huck giving McCain a run for his money as he has the nomination all but secured. This really shows the reluctancy many conservatives have with backing McCain and illustrates the struggle he will have to rally the party around him in the coming months.  

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007


The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

The ninjas over at the BEAST give us their list of the biggest a$$holes of 2007 – we here at myninjaplease just can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

Here’s a taste:

10. Alberto Gonzales

Crimes: The most truckling, amoral flunky to ever serve as Attorney General. A jurisprudent organelle, he manifests no concept of the law independent of its expediency to the president. Would smilingly accuse himself of providing material support to al Qaeda at President Bush’s request, hurriedly plead guilty, sign his own death warrant and flip the switch himself. His testimony before congressional committees is to public service what cholera is to the small intestine. As first Hispanic Attorney General, Gonzo typifies the self-betrayal and ethical compromise necessary for minorities to become successful Republicans. Been felching sweet approval from Bush’s lily-white ass since Texas. A conscienceless, memo-drafting, loophole-crafting liar for hire, pushing for all the worst administration policies, including nixing habeas corpus, denying and then defending rendition, torture, political firings, and a ton of other evil stuff. He even visited a seriously ill and disoriented John Ashcroft at the hospital, attempting to coax him into reauthorizing a clearly illegal wiretapping program. The only Attorney General who ever could have made John Ashcroft a sympathetic character by contrast.

Exhibit A: “The fact that the Constitution — again, there is no express grant of habeas in the Constitution. There is a prohibition against taking it away.”

Sentence: Death by dull guillotine, head bent by Beckham.

via the BEAST