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WTC on Mars

Tom Myrick, an engineer at Honeybee, figured out a way of machining the aluminum into cable shields for the rock abrasion tools. He hand-delivered the WTC material to the machine shop in Texas that was working on other components of the tools. When the shields were back in New York, he affixed an image of the American flag on each. The Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on June 10, 2003, with Opportunity’s launch following in July. Nobody on the rover team or at Honeybee spoke publicly about the source of the aluminum on the cable shields until later that year. #

Um… Why does Experian have a blog?… anyway, this is from there: “The political winds in the United States shifted sharply to the right earlier this month with Republicans making gains across the board. While political party affiliation was a strong indication of a candidate’s success in the election, we wondered: Can the political leaning of a TV show’s audience determine the success of the program? The answer is yes.” (Source)

An AK with your New Truck? If you’re looking for that Southern staple, a pickup truck with a gun rack, one central Florida dealership will give you your first gun free.  General sales manager Nick Ginetta said that since the promotion was announced on Veterans Day, business has more than doubled at Nations Trucks in Sanford. (Source)

Leftwing? Think again

A new study from the University of Leicester Department of Economics reveals that highly educated people make wrong assumptions about their political leanings — they are more likely to think they are left wing when they are more likely to be relatively conservative. “This is further evidence not just that voters are far from fully informed, but that somehow voters consistently misperceive where they lie on the ideological spectrum.” ScienceDaily

senators attempt to spoil the fun

You’ve probably already read that Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Bennett (R-UT) are talking about blocking the recently passed bill to allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol until 5 am on Inauguration Day. They said that “could seriously strain law enforcement resources that need to be focused on the large crowds and security requirements of the Inaugural.” While they want DC to devote its police resources to the inauguration, the feds aren’t paying for it, nor did they last time.You’d think if they were going to hate so much, they’d at least offer to pay. [LINK]

from the readers

You know, I heard a staggering stat the other day. If you count all of the money the government has doled out during this crisis, it equals approximately $100,000 per U.S. citizen. Call me f?cknuts, but I think sending 100k to every American would have stimulated the f?ck out of this b!tch, as opposed to just giving it away to some asshole CEO, who will horde the cash and/or dump it into treasuries.

Steven Chu Appointed

So… Mr. Obama picked a physicist for his Energy secretary, eh? More importantly, MNP posted a little something from an event where he spoke earlier this year [ we were there ]. Is this another case of the purported ‘MNP Bump’? Similar to the Colbert bump, the MNP has helped many notable politicians get elected including but not limited to: Barack O., Larry C., Arnold S., Jesse V…. the list goes on and on. Now what can he do to thank us? hmm