Is This It?


Tomorrow’s the day, my ninjas. Sen. Hillary Clinton must win Ohio and Texas to have a chance at wooing enough super-delegates to make her the presidential nominee. Even if she wins both primaries, due to the Democrtic primary rules, the delgates will be proportionally split between she and Obama, leaving her trailing in pledged delegates. She has to win BIG. Considering Hillary’s bash techniques and quibbling, and Obama’s raw momentum I find it hard to imagine a Clinton surge tomorrow. That being said, the polls in these two States, for some ill-informed voterific reason, are really really close. Remeber, Obama has won 11 straight primaries and caucuses, leaving Hillary without a victory for the entire month of February. Also, ninjas should strongly consider the fact Sen. Barack Obama has a much better chance of beating Se. John McCain than Sen. Clinton does. Clintons just seem to have a bad habit of leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths (yes, that was an inuendo). All you ninjas out there who are voting tomorrow should browse through our archives and see just why we here at the dojo are so pro O. The other States holding contests tomorrow are: Wyoming, Vermont, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.

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