Uncertainty about Weapons Inspector?s Suicide


A member of pariament (Norman Baker) yesterday challeneged a judiciary committee’s conclusion that a whistle blower weapon’s inspector took is own life.  The evidence surrounding the death definitely seems a little strange given that Dr. Kelly does not fit the MO of suicide victim.  The news story provides several challenges to the official explanation of the suicide.

If you were following the British news two years ago you will remember Dr. Kelly as the ninja who accused Tony Blair of “sexing up” intelligence in Iraw.  Check out some of the excerpts or read the full article.

“Baker also said that paramedics who attended the scene where Kelly’s body was found in Oxfordshire noticed that he had lost little blood and was “incredibly unlikely” to have died from the wound they saw.

Police said that 29 tablets of pain-killer coproxamol were missing from a packet in his home, but all that was found in Dr Kelly’s stomach was the equivalent of one-fifth of a tablet, Baker said.

Volunteer searchers who found his body said he was slumped against a tree, rather than lying prone, as police stated.”

Article Via: Yahoo News

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What is More Right? People Are Hurting Everywhere!

Enough is Enough, a Zimbabwean blog, has a brilliant article on the current sociopolitical state of the world:
“The past week’s events in the Middle East have confirmed Zimbabwean’s fears that in eyes of the world some lives are intrinsically more valuable than others. And we now know without a doubt that our lives, those of millions of Zimbabweans ravaged by years of misrule and the extinction of democracy in our homeland, are less valuable than those of the Israeli people.”

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The Hackable Election

Bradblog (Brad being an official ninja) has another great post about Mikel Haas and San Diego’s hackable election. The post claims that the elections in San Diego were intentionally set up with known-to-be-hackable voting machines. My question is, why the bloodclot would you use electronic voting machines?!?

For those of you less well-versed in our nation’s illustrious legacy of voting fraud, almost every electronic system is hackable, if not immediately upon creation, eventually. And I don’t just mean voting machines. From the alarm clock in your car to your computer. When electronic voting machines first came out I thought to myself, this must be a conspiracy. Furthermore, ninjas knew nothing about it!, meaning it must be a bad conspiracy. Very bad.
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RFK and Brad Blog

There is a great interview with RFK on Brad Blog.  Also, if you ninjas are interested, take a look at the video of them appearing together on court TV.  The following is an excerpt.

BRAD BLOG: In your book, “Crimes Against Nature,” you said that Bush won the 2004 election because of an information deficit caused by a breakdown in our national media. You go on to say that “Bush was re-elected because of the negligence of-and deliberate deception by-the American press.” Your recent article in “Rolling Stone” seems to suggest that your opinion has changed, focusing more on the fraud and deception in Ohio with the computerized voting machines. What was the most important thing that made you suspect fraud and decide to investigate the 2004 election?

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.: Well, my opinion hasn’t changed, that the press has been negligent, and that the large amount of support for the President, and for the people that did vote for the President, that large numbers of them would not have done so, had they known the truth about his policies, and his record. You say my opinion changed, but it hasn’t changed.

You know I’ve known this for many years, because of my anecdotal experience. I give about 40 speeches a year, in red states to Republican audiences, and I get the same enthusiastic responses from those audiences as I get from Liberal college audiences. The only difference is, is that the Republicans often say to me, “How come we’ve never heard this before?” I made the conclusion many years ago that there’s not a huge values difference between Red State Republicans and Blue State Democrats. The distinction is really informational. 80% of Republicans are just Democrats who don’t know what’s going on. And my anecdotal conclusion was confirmed by a survey done immediately after the 2004 election called the PIPA report, which tested Bush supporters and Kerry supporters based upon their knowledge of current events. It found that among Bush supporters, they were widespread in its interpretations, or there were factual errors in the way that they viewed Bush’s major public policy initiatives.

For example, 75% of the Republican respondents believed that Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Center, and 72% believed that WMD had been found in Iraq. And most of them believed that the war in Iraq had strong support among Iraq’s Muslim neighbors and our traditional allies in Europe, which of course is wrong. The Democrats as a whole had a much more accurate view of those events. And then PIPA went back twice to these same people. The first time it went back to the people that had these misinterpretations, and asked them where they were getting their news, and invariably they said talk radio and FOX news. And PIPA went back a third time, and made inquiries about their fundamental values, and it did start with a string of hypotheticals:

“What if there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? What if Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with bombing the World Trade Center? What if the U.S. Invasion of Iraq had little support among Iraq’s Muslim neighbors and was largely opposed by Iraq’s Muslim neighbors, and by our troops and allies in Europe? Should we have still gone in?” And roughly 80% of Dem and 80% of Rep said the same thing, “We should not.” And so the values were the same. It was the facts, the information, it was the access to information that was different.

BB: Are you then adding a layer of suspicion about the direct manipulation and fraudulent counting through computerized voting?

Thanks to Pheez for sending this in.
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