Hope Gets Harder


Well, my ninjas, it’s a sad day for Obama supporters. Yesterday Sen. Hillary Clinton won three out the four contests and is likely to gain 10 delegates on Obama’s lead as a result. This still leaves her way behind in the count (around 140 back).

Many people are concerned that her success yesterday will flat-line Obama’s momentum (which attributed to his string of 12 consecutive primary and causcus victories throughout February). After considering the results of Clinton’s victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island it seems to me that this ain’t no big thang. The fact that Obama did as well as he did in Texas is tribute to his outstanding campainging. That should have been 100% Hillary Country and he took a huge chunk of it. In the rural areas Hillary dominated, but in all the metropolitan areas Obama trounced her. Then there was Ohio. Now, I’ve never been there, there’s never been too much of a need for ninjas in Ohio, but from what I understand Ohio is not living in the 21st century. Racism is live and well in the south easetern part of the state, close to West Virginia, clearly not ready for Obama. But they would be for him over McCain, seeing as how voting GOP in 2004 has left a sour taste in their mouths (the mortgage crisis is very real in Ohio right now, and the economy was the most important issue there).

It’s also clear that Hillary’s bash techniques of the last two weeks have done wonders for her campaing. She told us in the most recent debate, “I am a fighter” and fighter she is. She has come at Obama on anything and everything that could possibly affect people’s opinion of the Illionois Senator and it has proven to work. NAFTA, Farrakhan, Rezwhatever, it’s all been effective. We should continue to expect to see more negative campainging from the Clintons, but also, don’t be surprised if Obama fights back in the coming weeks. You’d better believe there are some questionable behaviors in Hillary’s past, and the skeletons will be coming out of the closet (Bills’s over-seas business, tax forms, etc.). If Obama can win the coming contests I think more and more superdelagates will start showing their heads and show their support for Obama. The math is still way in his favor and his chances of gaining the nomination, despite recent events, are still great.

3 thoughts on “Hope Gets Harder”

  1. That, and as Phil said – SHE SHOULD HAVE BEATEN HIM BY MORE. I mean, Texas was damn near a wash. She has to both slam him everywhere that remains, and convince the superdelegates to side with her to win. Oh, AND get those two states that’ve been left out to support her, EVEN THO OBAMA WASN’T EVEN ON THE TICKET. Ninjas, PLEASE. This shit is going to be underhanded.

  2. Actually, I’d go so far as to say Texas was a kind of victory for Obama, and not so for Clinton, as she needed those votes desperately AND needed to show that she hadn’t lost her grasp on these states – which yesterday showed she obviously has.

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