No Take-Backs?


The election of Barack Obama has left many overjoyed – and many hoping that the United States is finally ready to address it’s racial issues [yes, I said address: all you white guys on CNN are full of it, this is not a post racial society – just a maturing one]. I went to sleep happily surprised by and immensely proud of the outcome, looking forward to us, as a people, getting this country back on track and moving in the right direction again.

Then I woke up yesterday morning, and read the news about the ballot initiatives in a number of states concerning gay rights – and realized that while racism may be something that Americans are dealing with, bigotry itself thrives. For instance – the image above is not of Obama supporters celebrating victory – it’s Bob Knoke, of Mission Viejo, Amanda Stanfield, of Monrovia, Jim Domen, of Yorba Linda, and J.D. Gaddis, of Yorba Linda [yeah, I named names - you know how ninjas do], celebrating returns for Proposition 8 at an Irvine hotel [via the LA Times]. Celebrating a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage – to take away a right that was ranted to Californians.


Gay rights aren’t really something I thought much about. I live in MA, so gay people can get married, buy station wagons, adopt kids, and increase property value in the hood by renovating old homes all they want. That, and defending gay rights always seemed difficult to me. How do you explain common sense to someone? That 2 guys getting married doesn’t affect anybody adversely? That the personal relationship between 2 people is nobody’s business but their own? That if you’re so ‘straight’ you should be watching football and drinking shitty beer, not discussing the legality of two women getting married. I tend to quickly give up, or call whoever I’m arguing with a bigot [neither is particularly constructive or successful].

But this mess here is just too much.

When gays won the right to wed in Cali, that was that. Sorry haters, but game over. This is America, and to paraphrase Ted Kennedy “we don’t hold votes in this country to TAKE AWAY THE RIGHTS OF OUR CITIZENS” [sorry, I can't find a source...but I heard him say it]. What if there was a vote for Women’s Suffrage? For the Civil Rights Act? I’d bet just about anything that women wouldn’t be voting, and blacks would still have different water fountains. People just cant be trusted with these decisions – and definitely don’t have the right to make the decision to take any of these things away.

But hell, all this thoughtful BS aside – what the fuck are these assholes cheering for? Was that douche in the center of the photo worried about getting drunk and waking up next to a guy named Lance, with a new wedding band on his ring finger? Because that’s just about the only reason this makes any sense. Him and the jackass to the left look like they’re probably harboring special feelings for each other themselves…

These Prop 8 supporters, for instance, act as if they’ve been wronged by the Cali supreme court decision. Wronged how? This is just straight-up none of your business if you’re not gay. I shouldn’t even be writing about it. But instead, these clowns draw these BS lines in the sand – ‘civil unions’ but no ‘marriage’. WTF is the difference? Civil union supporters themselves admit that there is no legal difference. Legal? Well, what other difference is there then, in the eyes of the US Government? Marriage is by definition a LEGAL and RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL bond. So if a civil union is legally the same…what’s being regulated here?

Anyways, I’m just ranting here and nobody cares what I think about this. But know this: anyone who gets as excited as the people shown above about stealing the rights of US citizens is in serious need of some introspection [and probably some kind of psychiatric help], and un-American [oh, Republicans, how's it feel to have the turned back on you?]. That, and the cheers for the black man who finally overcame American racism to become President have had the unfortunate side-effect of drowning out the dying cries of the rights of millions of citizens.

There’s a lot of work to be done here, my ninjas.

Palin Gets Punk’d


This is pretty funny, and also really stupid. She just seems to have no ability to talk to this dude – probably because he’s saying so much ridiculous nonsense – and comes off as if she wasn’t even listening. I mean – all the random crap this guy says is a little overwhelming maybe, but to not recognize that he gives the wrong name of the Canadian Prime Minister? That’s part of her foreign policy experience [Canada]! Maybe she knew from the beginning that something was up? Who knows.

McCain on SNL

This dude was actually amusing on SNL [even if the first skit wasn't very funny]. My favorite is the ‘sad grandpa’, and Tiney Fey ‘going rogue’.

For a minute there I remembered how much I used to like and respect this guy. Maybe he’ll accept some position in the Obama White House [which he should be offered, I think] and return to the McCain of 2000 – help get this place back on track. That’s probably just wishful thinking.