They Want Her Bad


The GOP really wants Hillary to win this thing. There is nothing that would give them more statisfaction than beating a Clinton in a Presidential race. In the past few weeks they have been dying to give us their input on why the Dems ought to go with Hillary over Obama, or concocting scenarios where she can do it. Robert Novak is one such Clinton supporter. In today’s Post he claims:

The decision to deprive Michigan and Florida of delegates because their primaries were scheduled too early cannot stand in a contested convention.

The force unleashed against Clinton if she wins the nomination would be unrelenting, cruel, and effective. Her greatest ally in the race would be gender, and half of the women in this country have a hard time giving her their support at the moment. You can give the independant vote to McCain in such a scenario too.

2 thoughts on “They Want Her Bad”

  1. I was thinking about this this morning, because the Governor of Florida [a Republican] was on CNN talking shit about how ridiculous this is – and how it was MORE DEMOCRATIC of them to hold their primaries early, because they wanted their vote to count. The anchor then started on him about how it’s ironic that he talks about votes counting, since if they hadn’t broken the rules those two states would be deciding the nominee [most likely]. He then started again on this whole ‘this is un-democratic’ nonsense. So let’s talk about un-democratic: OBAMA WASN’T EVEN ON THE MICHIGAN BALLOTS. The dems agreed not to run in that state, and Hillary did anyways [talk about Karl Rove tactics - let's get everyone to quit and then run un-opposed]. If anything, SHE should be penalized for that.

    Only way we can count those states is if they have a re-do. Not re-count, but an entirely new primary. It’s true that those voters shouldn’t be punished – but neither should Barack for following the rules.

    Mad voters, supposedly, didn’t even bother voting in those two states – since they were told the votes wouldn’t be counted.

  2. That being said, Dean was on TV today talking about it too, and he seemed adamant about NOT counting the votes as they stand – and says the DNC WILL NOT pay for another set of primaries. Sounds like they either won’t count, or the two states will have to foot the bill themselves [like 20 mil or something, I htink they were saying, to hold the primaries again].

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