Her Time Will Come


[Remember when she looked like this?]

I am of the opinion that the press will turn on Hillary, and I hope they do it soon. There are basic things that the Clintons & Co. have to do that they have not done and that they have not been held accountable for. Andrew Sullivan seems to understand what’s coming and he can’t wait:

The secrecy and paranoia also remind one of the Clintons’ history, especially Senator Clinton’s. From Whitewater through the long nightmare of cattle-futures through legal documents mysteriously “discovered” long after they were sought, to the secret healthcare task force that helped kill healthcare reform for over a decade, the Clintons are now following their long pattern. They hide stuff they need to hide and stuff they don’t need to hide. What we are learning is that these people have not changed. And their sense of personal privilege, their boundless paranoia, and their constant lies about themselves must be front and center in this campaign. Do we want to go back there again? After Bush and Cheney, do we really want another couple of co-presidents in love with total secrecy and above-the-law personal privilege?

I can’t stand to listen to Hillary speak. That brutish, masculine tone she uses on the stump to compliment her handsome looks makes me nauseous.

One thought on “Her Time Will Come”

  1. If I were a patriot and loyal party member and KNEW I was sitting on a powder keg of secrets and dead bodies, I think I’d quit the race rather than let my rival party exploit it to the entire party’s detiriment. In fact, I’d have never gotten into the race knowing that the rival party WANTED me to, so they could destory me.

    There is an inherent lack of good judgment that is becoming increasngly apparent. The entire campaign has showed lack of good sense form time to time, but there’s also proof that enough money can overcome almost anything. Except the truth, especially when weilded by an enemy.

    If I were NOT a partiot and loyal party member…then I’d do exactly what Clinton is doing: wound my fellow party member in case he has to run against the rival party candidate, weaknen him with personal attacks instead of attacking him on specific issues, cry when I lose and gloat whenever I won.

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