At Long Last


[Apparently these guys do a piss poor job, eh? What's this "global warming" all about, then? I sort of want them all to be like the dude from Ghostbusters]

April 22, finally. A shuriken for the ninja who can tell me when the last primary or caucus was . . . What? Mississippi on March 11? Damn. That’s right, ninjies, tomorrow is the big Pennsylvania primary. Barack Obama has steadily narrowed the divide in the polls there over the last few weeks to just a single digit margin. Ninjas suspect that Hillary will win by 6-9 points. This whole process is really brutal.
Also, my ninjas, Earth Day is upon us. Us ninjas in the dojo really dig mother nature. She’s fly. Nice and round … You should bounce around the site here and check out the celebration at every page: the green site, the music site, the architecture site, our resident robot ninja, and of course, In honor of Mother Earth’s Day [and our forefathers] here are some figures that give you a sense of our great United States’ contributions to 21st century global condition:



Just some things for you ninjas to consider while you go along living your lives here in the States, and everywhere else around this small, small world.

Check back at the end of the day for the results from today’s Pennsylvania race.

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