Krauthammer Makes Me Puke


Today’s Op-Ed piece from Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post very well may be satire. I can’t tell. But based on his track record, I think he wants us to take him seriously. Considering everything that has come to light regarding McCain’s recent relationship with the FEC over his public financing any reference to McCain-Feingold should be laughed at. Yet, Krauthammer writes with conviction:

On the difficult compromises that required the political courage to challenge one’s own political constituency, Obama flinched: the “Gang of 14″ compromise on judicial appointments, the immigration compromise to which Obama tried to append union-backed killer amendments and, just last month, the compromise on warrantless eavesdropping that garnered 68 votes in the Senate. But not Obama’s.

Who, in fact, supported all of these bipartisan deals, was a central player in two of them and brokered the even more notorious McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform? John McCain, of course.

Yes, John McCain — intemperate and rough-edged, of sharp elbows and even sharper tongue. Turns out that uniting is not a matter of rhetoric or manner, but of character and courage.

Yes, what we really need is a President with enough courage to bring hypocrasy to new levels, and who has a track record of putting himself at arms length of the rules. A President who used to be able to cross party lines but now all of a sudden has pledged himself to the Bush agenda. A President whose campaign rhetoric has turned out to be a message for a dedicated Iraq war “victory.” WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH IRAQ!!! We are occupying Iraq, and in the process making an attempt to supress al-Qaeda (which is only one piece of the transnational jihadist movement in the Middle East). Isn’t it working splendidly? It’s driven our economy to the gutter, it’s taken as many as 160,000 people away from their families in our own country, forced millions of Iraqis from their homes, and it’s creating incentive for generations of good Muslims to resent America. Bravo, let’s keep it up? 

Krauthammer has also come to the conclusion that Barack Obama’s uniter image is really only believeable because of his heritage crosses racial lines. His logic goes like this:

Because Obama transcends race, it is therefore assumed that he will transcend everything else — divisions of region, class, party, generation and ideology.

If you ninjas know a single person who thinks of Obama’s candidacy in this light, I’d love to meet them. Obama is a black man and race has been an infinately less significant talking point this primary season than what Clinton has tried to do with the gender-card. Rediculous.

2 thoughts on “Krauthammer Makes Me Puke”

  1. Yeah, I love that all of Hillary’s issues somehow come back to her being a woman – like being a rich white lady is somehow holding her back. I also don’t like that we can’t call her a ‘bitch’ without it being misogynistic. I don;t call her that because she’s a woman, I call her that because she’s a bitch – plain and simple [that thing with McCain and his supporter calling her a bitch and him accepting it was messed up tho].

    And about the number of people being affected by Iraq – I heard the CIVILIAN Iraqi casualties were proportionately [by population] the equivalent of ONE MILLION US citizens being killed during an occupation. I can’t confirm this, as I read it somewhere a month or so ago – I’ll see if I can find the link.

  2. The tactic you use when attacking an object of real quality is to cast doubt as to it’s authenticity. “Sure, that’s a great looking Monet, but is it REAL or a fake? What do I hear bid now?”

    If there were numerous tangible issues that could be attacked regarding Obama’s politicies, they woud have been exploited by now. What we are seeing now is Plan B from Outer Space.

    Ironically enough, mud-slinging with the phantom mud of false suspicion is the death touch of political Dim Mak. It works and works well with the uninformed.

    But in the past ten years, the voting demograhics aren’t as asleep at the wheel as they formerly were. I am confident that they will see this for what it is (an effort to give Hillary the Democratic nomination for the purpose of defeating her in November). Too bad the pawns using techniques borrowed “directly from the Karl Rove playbook” don’t see how they fit into that Plan.

    [Jill The Shill]

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